Host Families recognize their Au Pairs.

Every year the host families from Go Au Pair agency recognize their outstanding Au Pairs for the hard work, commitment and dedication. Many families are going to nominate their Au Pair for the Au Pair of the Year Award in 2017.

The family use the nomination as an opportunity to say thank you for the wonderful things their Au pairs are doing, and for the happiness they’ve brought into their lives.

Valntine the best Au Pair of the year

Last year five host families from the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ cluster recognized and nominated their Au Pairs for 2017 IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award for providing quality child care. Au Pair from Bucks County Valentine won 2017 Go Au Pair’s Au Pair in Excellence Award!

Valentine host family said, “We feel like Valentine has always been in our lives and she will ALWAYS be a part of our family—she is “THE BEST” and is truly deserving of being awarded Au Pair of the Year—she is definitely our Au Pair of the year for our little family. Having an Au Pair has made a BIG, positive difference in our lives!!”Au pair Bucks County

This year Au Pair nominee will have a chance to Enter IAPA’s 2017 Au Pair of the Year Award + Free Trip to Spain! Go Au Pair will automatically enter three (3) eligible Au Pairs for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to IAPA’s 2018 Conference, held on March 17-19, 2018, in Seville, Spain, where one Au Pair will be officially recognized as the 2017 Au Pair of the Year and presented with a token prize and commemorative award.

Thanksgiving thank you and nominating an Au Pair

Thanksgiving Holiday coincides with the time when Go Au Pair invites you to say “thank you” to your Au Pair by nominating her/him  for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year 2016 Award.  If you feel that you host an outstanding Au Pair, please nominate her for the prestigious Au Pair of the Year Award before Tuesday, January 5, 2016.

Au pairs on the tour 1

Many host families from Philadelphia, Bucks County, NJ are looking forward to nominating their Au Pairs this year. The Smolarski host family from New Hope, Bucks County is already talking of nominating their Au Pair Kathy from Ecuador for IAPA’s Au Pair of the Year Award.

“She walked into a family with 8 children, including newborn triplets…!  Not only did she make the courageous decision to join our family, but she has been nothing short of AMAZING since she has joined. She works tirelessly to partner with Nichole (mom) to run this very busy household, working very hard and always doing so with a smile and a loving attitude with the children.”

Au Pair from Ecuador

Thanks to many Au Pairs for being outstanding Au Pairs from many Happy Host families!

Thank you to our Au Pairs.


…for willingness to come into our lives
…for sharing your adventure with us
…for being an essential member and valued addition to our family
…for your hard work to care for the kids
…for your patience and understanding
…for inspiring and teaching kids every moment
…for being a positive role model for the kids
…for opening kids’ eyes to the world outside of the U.S. and helping them to learn a new language
…for giving us an opportunity to relax, have a date and time for ourselves
…for cooking delicious dishes from your country and sharing with us the secrets
…for willingness to help when we were too timid to ask you
…for capturing the treasured memories and pictures of our family
…for unforgettable cultural experience you brought into our home.Au Pair awardThe International Au Pair Association (IAPA) presents the Au Pair of the Year Award annually to one outstanding Au Pair.  The Au Pair of the Year 2016 Award is now open for entries! Who will be the 2016 winner? It can be your Au Pair, go ahead and nominate her/him for the Au Pair of the Year Award!iapa logo

The International Spring Festival

Come out and take part in this unique festival of friendship, have fun, meet Au Pairs from around the world, many host families from Bucks County and Philadelphia and learn firsthand about The Au Pair Program and what it’s like to be a host family.

cultural differences

According to 5,000 visitors expected at The International Spring Festival at North Penn Highschool in Lansdale PA on April 18th, 2015.

international Festival

The International Spring Festival brings together people of all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds and promotes cultural exchange. it includes international food, entertainment, a health fair, children’s games, and tons of activities for the whole family.

Come join the fun -you will be glad you did.

400 posts!

This is my 400th post on the Philadelphia and NJ area Go Au Pairs Blog since the 300 post seven months ago. The first post of “What is Au Pair” was September 2010, almost four years ago.
400 posts

Many posts on this blog were written by other bloggers Ophelia and Cosima, and also by the blog  guests: Au Pairs and Host Families from Philadelphia and NJ cluster from Go Au Pair and other people. Thank you for posting with me!
You can read Ophelia Diary about an Au Pair life in Philadelphia and many trips she took, and enjoy many photos and videos.Au Pair Ophelia life Cosima from Germany, who is now an Au Pair in Bucks County,  started a new project that call Au Pair Mission.  Cosima plans to introduce newly arrived au pairs and blog about her Au Pair life. Cosima is a member of the Committee of the Go Au Pair team “Walk Now for Autism Speaks” and she will also post about the committee plans for the future.IMG_0042[1] The committee  includes MonicaRikie and other members as well who are working on fundraising and organizing the Go Au Pair team. The Au Pairs are going to join Walk Now for Autism Speaks on November 2, 2014 at the Citizens Bank Park of Philly. Autism walk with Go Au Pair Go Blue! Please walk with us on November 2, 2014 to change the future of the kids with Autism!autism and aupair
This blog has been read in 129 countries and has been visited almost 70 thousand times. There are more than 850 comments. Please, keep the comments coming, I love them!Keep Calm and Blog On
I hope that Host Families, Au Pairs and my readers enjoy reading this blog. Thanks so much for stopping at my blog and you are welcome anytime.

Au Pair Program Cost

The Au Pair program is a great childcare option for families seeking full-time, live-in childcare. It is not just for the rich and actually costs much less than a nanny. The Au Pair program cost also beats traditional day care because there are no additional fees for siblings. The Au Pair program cost in the US is $8 per hour on average for up to 45 hours per week of child care.


There are many questions about  the Au Pair program cost. The Au Pair stipend  for a standard program set by the Federal Government and is $195.75 per week and also the first $500 toward the costs of classes. The Au Pair program fees vary in the US and depend on the agency. With Go Au Pairs the cost of the standard Au Pair program is $343.21 per week or only $7.63 per hour. This includes everything :  $7195-the agency fees,  $195.75 the Au Pair weekly stipend and $500 educational component. ($195.75 is the minimum amount required by the Department of State. Families and Au Pairs are free to agree upon any amount higher than this minimum.)


Being a Local Area Representative with Go Au Pair for a long time I have met many host families that were confused by the cost.  They thought that in addition to $343.21, they also need to pay $ 195.75 stipend to their Au Pair and/or $500 educational component.  With Go Au Pair the weekly average cost per family is  $343.21 or $7.63 per hour.

Please watch the video with the objective of explaining the complicated fee structure associated with the Au Pair industry. In approximately 3 minutes, host families will be able to see a complete overview of Go Au Pair program costs.

The average weekly cost for a part time  Educare Au Pair (up to 30 hours) is l $292.19 per week regardless of how many children a family has. In Addition, Go Au Pair agency offers many discounts. Go Au Pair has a special discount for Host Families from the Philadelphia and NJ area.Go Au Pair's family and Au Pair

Unlike other agencies, with Go Au Pair, you can view available Au Pairs for free, so you can make an informed decision about your childcare options without paying fees.

Au Pair Wenjie

Many of my current host families found Go Au Pair because they were looking for a better child care option.   Au Pairs have hundreds, even thousands, of hours of experience as babysitters, tutors, kindergarten assistants, camp counselors and sports instructors. With Go Au Pair child care you don’t have to choose between quality and affordability.

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