The Au Pair Program and the War in Ukraine.

Recently we hosted  Host Family Conference, which is one of the Au Pair Program requirements. There were many Au Pairs from different countries and many Americans families as well.  People around the table had fun and go to experience many cultures in one afternoon. Their participation showed tolerance and respect to different cultures and served as a positive example to the people around the world.Cultural exchange

I mentioned that because one of the Au Pairs in the meeting was from Ukraine. The war in Ukraine brought so many troubles for her family back in Donetsk, the center of the of fighting. People who were neighbours and shared the same value and culture  in the past, share misunderstanding  and disagreements today.ukraine

Looking in the Ukrainian Au Pair sad eyes, who was being very worried of her family’s well being and texting them constantly, I just valued more and more the benefits of the Au Pair program and cultural exchange. The meeting was a place to learn first hand for many Au Pairs about a war and peace and evaluate the difference.

According to R. Ruth, the Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs, “This (au pair) program is a unique opportunity to experience first-hand the culture and diversity that the United States has to offer.”The Au Pair Program offers an opportunity to learn about other culture and make friends all over the world.

I also hope there will be no war in the future because a new generation will better understand the people around the world and be tolerant to others.

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