Host family from Bucks County is looking forward to welcoming an Au Pair from Mexico.

A new Au Pair from Mexico Alejandra will join the K. host family in New Hope on Monday. The K family had the Au Pairs from China, Korea, Mexico and built the solid bonds in their hearts. The K family loves the Au Pair program, hosted many Au Pairs events, volunteered with our cluster and opened their home to many Au Pairs.The K family is very excited and ready to welcome a new Au Pair Alejandra from Mexico to their family.mexico flag

Alejandra is 22 and she recently graduated from college where she studied animation. She has 2 brothers and a little sister. She said that her hobbies are traveling, learning new things and cultures, making new friends and spending time with them. She already lived in Germany.Al Au Pair from Mexico 1

Alejandra has a buddy Lorena, Au Pair from Colombia, who lives with her host family in Bucks County and takes care of three kids. Alejandra made a lot of friends on facebook with the Au Pairs from the Philadelphia cluster.Alej Au Pair from Mexico 1

We are looking forward to meeting you soon, Alejandra.  Have a safe trip.

The Au Pairs Christmas party. Sweet moments.

Every year there is a big Christmas party for Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency with many different activities.

IMG_20131214_154102This year  our Christmas party included a sweet activity- a desert contest.

IMG_20131214_152146Thanks to the host family from Bucks County for hosting our party. We had really sweet moments during our party enjoying a delicious dessert and having fun time selecting the winners.

au pair contestThe judges – the Au Pairs- sampled desserts and chose the winners. Everyone had one candy and an opportunity to vote for the best dessert.

Au pair partyAu Pairs choose three winners of the contest.

IMG_20131213_134714The Au Pair Annie from Mexico

IMG_20131214_162113 (2)The Au Pair Jacqueline from China

IMG_20131214_162202 (2)The Au Pair Joana from Colombia

IMG_20131214_162128 (3)I want to thank everyone for participating in the contest. There were many different deserts, and I tried many of them, and each one could have easily been the winner. Congratulations to all the winners and participants.

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