Au Pair Tati became a genuine friend and member of her host family.

Many Au Pairs turned out to be all what that the host families were looking for: playmate, sister, daughter, teacher, helper, friend and much more. Many host families love their Au Pairs and nominate them to #LoveMyAuPair Contest with Go Au Pair to share their amazing experience.

Au Pair from Colombia Tatiana Andrea Matiz Calderon (Tati) joined her host family in the Philadelphia area only four months ago. However, her host family wrote already in their nomination that, “Tati has quickly become a genuine friend and member of our family. I think that is one of the greatest things about having an Au Pair: having that real person to person connection.”

“Tati is a very dedicated worker, and very dependable. She has a very adaptable/flexible personality and view on her role as a caretaker for our children. She has been teaching our children Spanish; our youngest (18 months) can now count the steps as she goes up and down the stairs in both English and Spanish. We try to keep to a schedule as best we can, but inevitably, things often come up that require us to change things on the fly, or some other plan arises midweek for which we must accommodate, and in all cases, Tati has always been there for us when those changes arise, and always with the same wonderful attitude about things.

The most striking thing about Tati is that she is just a wonderful, kind person. She is a joy to be around, and she truly loves our children. Her general way of being has made it so that we are very comfortable with her with our children, and we always know that she is there for our family. We consider her to be a member of our family, and we are so fortunate to have found her.”

Many families participate in Love My Au Pair contest with Go Au Pair for a reason to thank and recognize the Au Pairs for all the wonderful things the Au Pairs do for the host families. 

The Au Pair program opens the world.

Could you imagine leaving your country in your early 20 for the first time and flying to a different continent without any support, without knowing that there are people who will assist you?

The Au Pair program opens the world. Many young people are grateful for an opportunity to be an Au Pair  and explore the world. There are many interesting place to explore even around their area when Au Pairs attend Go Au Pair cluster meetings.IMG_9025

2013 year was a great year for the Au Pair Ophelia He from China. She has accomplished a lot thanks to the Au Pair program, her host family in Philadelphia and Go Au Pair agency.

On July 8, 2013  Ophelia arrived to New York! This was the first flight in her life and a long one-a whopping 20 hours.New York workshop

After the New York Workshop, where she met Au Pair Sis and a lot Au Pairs from around the world, Ophelia started her wonderful Au Pair life in Philadelphia.Au Paiirs goaupair

Since her arrival, Ophelia has had so many good memories together with her friends and her host family, many of which have been memorialized  in Ophelia diary.

The Au Pair program opens the world for Ophelia. She has already explored many interesting places in Philadelphia and outside  during her vacation time. Ophelia volunteered at the Philadelphia Marathon, traveled to Atlantic City, spent Thanksgiving in Houston, visited a new host family in Las Vegas, celebrated her first Christmas in Alaska and Chinese New Year in Philadelphia,  and even hiked in Hawaii.

Ophelia has many plans for the future and is grateful for the Au Pair program granting her the opportunity to explore the world.  I think that it has been a great experience for Ophelia’s host family as well.  The family nominated Ophelia Host Family for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award in 2014. Read a press release Au Pairs in Excellence Nomination- Au Pairs stand out.
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From Ophelia’s Diary page you can read all entries about her Au Pair journey. Happy reading!

The Growth from a Student to an Au Pair.

Ophelia’s Diary.

Before I applied to attend the Au Pair program and became an Au Pair with Go Au Pair, I could never believe that one day I can have awesome cultural exchange experience with my host family in au pair

Being an Au Pair was a long journey for me. In my sophomore year, one day I was walking in my school, suddenly a booklet about Au Pair showed up in front of me. I picked it up, from that moment my life began to change.My school Qingdao University

Then I searched a lot of information about Au Pair online, made sure the Au Pair program is a good program for me. Also,I began to contact the Au Pair agency in China. Indeed, I made a lot of new friends through China’s Au Pair agency later.

When I was in school

In the autumn of 2011, I got a chance to be an exchange student in the South of China. People usually say, the North of China is like a handsome young man, and the South of China is like a sweet lady. During that half year, I felt the sweet every day whether it’s about the food, or about the scenery. This experience was a good start. After finishing this program, I began to prepare everything I need for being an au pair.

My Au Pair friends in China

Just since 2006, America began to accept Chinese as Au Pairs. I was the first Au Pair in my school. In my Senior year, I did internship job at the Au Pair agency. Even my final paper is about Au Pair! I knew Au Pair program quite well, so my matching process was very smoothly.

Guess what kinds of interesting things happened during my matching process? Haha, will tell you next time.

Read more stories from Ophelia’s Diary.

5 things I learned being an Au Pair.

By Sandra, the Au Pair from Colombia.Experiensed Au Pair from Colombia

There are 5 important things I learned being an Au Pair.
1.Love: love what you do and put the best of you in it. Live with love, teach kids with love and spread love around.

2. Patience: when you work with children one of the most important things is being  a patient, attentive and responsible adult. When working with kids sometimes you need to handle the stresses, frustrations, and  the emotional swing.

3.  Adaptability: you find that some things are weird to you, but some things are also weird for your host family. This is normal, we all are different,  the most important thing is being always polite, respectful and understating.

4. Communication: have constant communication with your host family because you live together. It is always good to be honest and ask questions.

5. Flexibility: try to be flexible and ready to help. Sometimes the schedule changes: parents are late or kids get sick. Many things happen and a real life is sometimes far away from what was expected.Au pair from Colombia

Being an Au Pair with Go Au Pair I learned a lot and I am looking forward to learn more with my new family and their kids.  It is fun to be around the kids, they are so enthusiastic, active and curious. I like to teach them new things and to see them grow up happy and confident. I can’t wait to meet my host family and their kids!

Being an Au Pair, I learned important things.

By Sandra, the Au Pair from Colombia.
Being an au pair for two years has changed my life and opened my eyes- I discovered that my true passion in life is working with children.
I love kids and I like working with children because I believe that they are our future and they will have new ideas and solutions to many problems we have in the world nowadays. Au Pair from goaupair

Being an Au Pair I learned the importance of doing a great job especially when taking care of the kids.

Living with my host family in Philadelphia, I am taking care of three children: 6 months girl, 3 years old boy and 4 years old girl.  They keep me busy and I love to be with them. I love to teach new things to my kids since I believe they can learn while having fun!  My family says that I am the best nanny they have ever had, they feel that I am looking after the kids like a family member.

Aupair Summy. jpg
Being an Au Pair, I learned a lot about children.  My experience with the two families have taught me a lot about the importance of discipline and love. A part of what I’ve learned about children, also taught me a lot about my life. Now I can see a different perspective of my life and life through kids eyes.

Au Pair Sammy

Above all I learned to appreciatee the education. I want to study child care or children psychology in the future.
Being an Au Pair I learned a lot from others when I was traveling and meeting new people. I learned the importance of exercising, reading, listening to music, having hobbies and activities,  all these will help me to grow and be a better person.sammy
I love being an aupair.  I have many friends here, in Philadelphia, and my loving host family who always help me. My experience with Go Au Pair agency has especially been wonderful.
My new journey just begins, ahead of me is a new adventure – my second Au Pair year. I would like to find a kind and loving family near Philadelphia with whom I can share my experience as au pair, give the best of myself and grow as a person.
Read more about my 5 important things I learned being an Au Pair.

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