Keeping kids active and healthy with the Au Pair help.

Here are some ideas what Au pair can do with the host family kids at home instead of watching TV, playing video games or surfing on the computer. You can see summer activities at Go Au Pair blog for amazing list of summer activities.

Summer time brings a lot of opportunities to be active and play outside. And school is out!!!

Here are many activities that Au Pairs can do with the kids outside.

Go to feed fish or birds.kids_feeding_birds

Go camping at at the back yard.
Watch a sunset; watch the sunrise with  kids.
Blow bubbles.
Play hopscotch, hide & seek or playing

Shoot hoops with friends and Au Pair. Play a round of H.O.R.S.E.
Create sidewalk art with chalk.
Au Pair runVisit a park, ride a bike.
Play a game, throw a ball.

Go to the walking trip with picnic.

For more ideas please go to Au Pair Sis pinterest.

Keeping kids active and learning new things.

It is said  that most important lessons in life not learned in classroom:-), but outside of it.

Learning outside a classroom is usually a lot of fun.  Au Pairs have a great opportunity to teach the host family kids about the environment and the local area.


Here are some learning activities that can help kids learn a new thing when being active.

Learn names of trees and flowers around with a guide book.
Go bird watching and learn the names of local birds.
Take a hike and learn to use a compass.

kids with kite

Make a trip to the local fire station.
Watch the night sky through the binocular and learn the name of the stars.
Construct a kite and fly it.

Au Pair kids activities-using-magnifying-glasses

Construct a miniature boat and float it on water.
Investigate the yard with a magnifying glass and learn things that could not see before.
Plant a garden and work in your garden.Au pair kid in the garden

Screen Time, how to limit it with the Au Pair’s help.

Being very busy,  many parents use screen time (TV, computer, video games), as a babysitter. The Au Pair program provides the parents  with a unique opportunity to raise their kids active and healthy with the Au Pairs’ help.

Most Au Pairs are sporty, young and energetic, and follow a healthy lifestyle. Many Au Pairs are teachers and coaches, and they can teach kids a lot of new things. They serve as an example for the children keeping kids active and healthy.

Here are some ideas what an Au Pair can do with the kids instead of watching TV, playing video games or surfing on computer. For more ideas please go to Au Pair Sis pinterest.


If the weather is rainy or bad, the Au Pair can definitely do many activities with host family kids at home:

Build a fort in the living room and camp out one night.
Make puppets out of old clean socks and have a puppet show.
Research your family history and draw a family tree.
Invent a new game and teach it to your friends and family.Au Pair
Create a collage out of pictures from old magazines.
Play board games with family and friends.
Make a friendship bracelet or a photo frame.picnic Bake cakes or cookies and invite friends for a tea party.
Write a letter to your grandparents. Make a special card

Healthy Active Living Tips- 5, 2, 1, 0 rule.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life. For most people, adopting healthy behaviors requires a lot of effort. Making healthy lifestyle changes is easier said than done. Even when people are strongly motivated, adopting a new healthy routine can be very difficult. This changes are not easy for kids also. Au Pairs can lead kids to a healthy and active living.healthy food

I’ve recently found an interesting article on Healthy Active Living for Families. The author suggests that to lead a healthy active life, families can strive to reach these goals

5 fruits and vegetables a day,
2 hours or less of screen time (TV, computer, video games) per day,
1 hour of physical activity a day, and
0 limit sugar-sweetened drinks.

Au Pair-cooking-with-kids

Au Pairs definitely can be role models, set a good example, cook healthy meals together with the host family kids, keep kids active and learn new things and  limit all sweetened drinks replacing them with water.


Au Pairs can plan many family activities and engage  host families kids in fun activities that do not center on television.  For more ideas please go to Au Pair Sis pinterest.

Here are several posts about different activities I am going to post soon.

Screen Time, how to limit it with an Au Pair.

Keeping kids active and learning new things.

Keeping kids active and healthy with the Au Pair help.

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An Au Pair and kids project- Christmas Tree.

Kids are home for the holidays. An Au Pair can do many projects and have fun with the kids. The “Christmas trees” can bright any party without the lights, especially if you make this “tree” with the host family kids’.  Here are many “Christmas Tree” craft ideas.

This is a cute green veggies tree can be a centerpiece of any party.  And it’s healthy and edible.

Kids will definitely like Pizza year tree with Au Pair

If you like the kids to eat fruits, a good idea is making this yummy fruit “tree”.

Christmas fruit tree for kids

Christmas fruit tree

This is another very cute “Christmas tree” an Au Pair can do with her host kids.ny tree

Enjoy your ” Christmas tree” 

For more winter crafts ideas follow Au Pair Sis Craft Challenges .

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