Au Pair’s fabulous Chinese New Year Party

Ophelia’s Diary.

Au Pairs at Go Au Pair Chinese new year  party

After enjoying Chinese New Year Celebration at Penn museum, all the Au Pairs went to the Salmon’s family house and had a Chinese New Year party.

 Chinese new year  party

The Au Pair Karla’s host family was so nice. They hosted us and cooked very tasty Lasagna for us. We loved the food very much. Also, we had Chinese dumplings, salad and Chinese sweets.Au Pairs at Go Au Pair Chinese new year  party

We celebrated a birthday for the Au Pairs Annie and Carolina. As this year is Chinese horse year, I made two cute Go Au Pair horses for Annie and Carolina.

Au Pairs at Go Au Pair Chinese new year  party

We all got fortune letters from our Local Area Representative Polina, it was so funny. One of the letter was, “ No fortune found here, you will find your fortune in love”, made us laughed a lot.

Au Pairs at Go Au Pair Chinese new year  party

Our Chinese Au Pairs shared customs of Chinese New Year and signed happy New Year greeting cards for Au Pairs in Chinese.

Also, we prepared some Chinese money as a part of our game “ Pin the tail on the horse”.  

At New Year time, Chinese people like put money in red envelopes, then give them out.Yuan for good luck

This is the best time for children, everyone loves it.

Au Pairs at Go Au Pair  party

The game “ Pin the tail on the horse” made everyone laugh a lot.Go Au Pair Chinese new year  party

We found the truly meaning of New Year during this party — friends and family get together, enjoy the happiness of life.

Happy New Year and the best wishes for the Year of the Horse!

 马年大吉 Mǎ nián dà jí

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The Au Pair program is full of love.

I was born in a warm family in Chengdu which is the largest city in southwest of China. I’m the only child, but I never felt lonely, my parents love me very much.

I always wanted to be a teacher and care for kids. I chose preschool education and after I graduated from College I had been a Montessori teacher for three years in China. Then I was looking for more challenges and decided to become an Au Pair. I wanted to improve my English skills to be an outstanding English teacher for kids when I come back. 

Last summer I came to the United States as an Au Pair for Go Au Pair agency. I live in Bucks County, near Philadelphia with a lovely host family and I have been an Au Pair for ten months. During these months I have learned a lot of things and I’m very thankful to my current host family for that.

My host family has three amazing kids. At the time I came, their ages were from 3 days old  to 3.5 years old. Before I came to US, I used to take care of 1.5-6 year old kids.  To take care of a newborn baby was a big challenge for me. Fortunately, my host mom and host grandma taught me a lot of things. Now I feel very confident to take care of newborn babies.

A little baby boy likes smiling and I like to take pictures. So he has been my youngest model for ten months. I take his picture on 28th every month, because his birthday is June 28th. I hope I could give him very special memory.

At the time I came, the second child was one and half years old. When she turn two I started to train her potty, now she could wear underwear whole day long. That’s a big deal for her, she is so cute and she steals my heart.

At first, when I spoke Chinese to the oldest host child, she didn’t know what I meant and I had to speak English again. But after we were spoken Chinese every day during 10 months, she can speak three languages, Chinese, English and Taiwanese. Sometimes she would like to use three languages to make a sentence. It’s fun to be with her, she is full of love. She calls me a Big Sister.

I love kids  so much and it is going to be hard to say goodbye. Unfortunately my first year almost done and I need to move forward. Now when I have even more experience in taking good care of children, I am looking forward to a new challenge.

I’d like to extend with a new host family and care for children with love. I love to teach kids many things: sing song, dance and play piano, speak Chinese language, and play sport. I like to watch them grow and learn.

I’d like to experience as more as I can, keep learning English, American culture, and share with my new family some Chinese traditions and culture.

I feel that the Au Pair program is a good program which is full of love. It teaches us how to love kids and feel their love.

By Wenjie, an Au Pair from China.

Feel The Love.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day and everyone woke up really excited.

Joey got dressed and before he ate his sereal he wished me “Happy Valentine’s Day”-So cute!

My host mother, Allison, was eager to start her day and was in a great mood, as usual. She’s the best.

Olivia has been difficult in the past week – terrible twos – but today she behaved a lot better.

I was happy to be celebrating this special day in U.S for the first time and texted my friends in Brazil, sending them a video of the song “Friends”, by Band of Skulls.

When Allison came home from work she surprised me by giving me a card and a heart-shaped box of chocolate, with the condition that I keep the candy away from her. 😀

Joey’s day at school was really good, too. He came home with a bag full of candy his friends gave him. He did his homework, played on his computer and went out with his parents for chinese food – his favorite.

Livy stayed home with me and she Party Rocked a lot. “Party Rock” is her favorite song, but she also likes “Moves like Jagger”.

I’m blessed and so happy for the opportunity of working as a au pair and experiencing so much, getting to know amazing people and making a difference in their lives.

This was my V-Day… And today’s my day off, so I guess I’ll Just check on those chocolates now.

See you soon!!!!

The best host family in Go Au Pair Philadelphia

Who would have thought living with a family you’ve only met within 5 months would be so much fun?……well, I had that thought before I joined Go Au Pair.
When I started the program, I always hoped to be matched with a loving and caring family. I’m sure that everyone that joins the Au Pair program also wishes for the same thing. To be honest, for a first time traveller like me, leaving South Africa wasn’t easy.

Especially knowing that I’m going to a place that I’ve never been, committing myself to staying 365days with people I’ve never met before, not knowing what the other side of the world has got for me could be very scary.
But arriving in Philadelphia on the 4-08-2011 and receiving a warm welcome from my host family immediately made the scary go away. The first 5 minutes that I arrived at home, my two kids Olivia & Hannah gave me a grand tour of the house, showing me the drawings they’ve made for me. I realized there and then that I’ve entered a whole new year with a remarkable, mostly unforgettable memory of a life time.
A week after my arrival my family threw me a welcome party which was a great success. I got to meet and make friends. For the whole 5  months that I’ve been with my Host family i have never heard a complaint about how I do my work nor have I had any complaints. Also living in a neighborhood that has such wonderful people just puts the icing on top of my sweet life.
The Faux/Griffith family are the best. I would have never asked for a better family because they’re everything I hoped for. I will be forever grateful to them not only for welcoming me in their family, but also for making me feel part the family.

For you that is still on the matching process I wish you all the best. Who knows?….you might find a family that is just like mine.

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