My Au Pair experience in 2013.

Ophelia’s Diary.

 2013 year was a great and harvest year for me. I am so thankful that I can be an Au Pair. I love being an Au Pair and would like to share my Au Pair experience with you.

Au Pair US

In January, 2013 I finished all the Au Pair application documents. The next step was matching with family. During this time, I did an internship job at Chinese Au Pair center and tutored American kids mandarin. This experience helped speed up my matching process. On March 3, I got an offer from the family I like. I accepted it happily.

Ophelia NYC

On July 8, I arrived New York! This was the first flight in my life. A 20 hours long international flight. I had a great time with Au Pair Sis and a lot Au Pairs during New York Workshop.

New York workshop

After the workshop, my wonderful Au Pair life started in Philadelphia.

keepsake Go Au Pair

With my host child Theo, I never feel alone. Love is everywhere in my host family’s home. 

Au Pair Go Au pair OpheliaIf you don’t experience by yourself, you can never imagine how amazing Au Pair’s life could be.

Au Pairs photo contest 3

I had a great time at Peddler’s Village with my best friend Adriana’s host family.

Peddler's villlage with Adriana's host

 I went to Harvest America Music Concert and Atlantic city with Adriana.

Au Pairs NJ

I had classic Italian desserts cooking class as my first American birthday gift and my birthday celebration with Au Pairs friends.

Ophelia birthday

I had awesome English class at International house.

Au Pairs class

Also, I went bowling and volunteering at the Philadelphia Marathon with many Au Pairs.

au pairs contest photo 2I just came back from a wonderful Houston Thanksgiving trip, now I am going to Alaska and Hawaii with my host.

Au Pair Ophelia in Huoston 2

If not the Au Pair program, how could all my dreams come true?

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Love is everywhere at my host family’s home.

Ophelia’s Diary.

If you step into our living room, a keepsake from Go Au Pair to my host family will show up in front of you. My host mom is so thoughtful, she hanged the gift from Go Au Pair agency on the wall of our living room. They can see the picture of their child Theo and me every day.

keepsake Go Au Pair

As Christmas is coming soon, our church organized a “Gifts for children in need” program. I invited my host to attend this program.

Ophelia aupair Philadelphia

They helped collect a lot of gifts for the poor children. I am so grateful for this.

Ophelia aupair from Go Au Pair

I love my host family. They are a loving family.

Host family

I still remember the first week I was here, my host dad helped me find the information about the Chinese church in Philadelphia. Thanks to my host dad’s help, I made a lot of friends in the church.

Ophelia aupair from China

Living in such a loving family, I am sure Theo will grow up very happy.

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