A Chinese Au Pair – a new and a popular host families’ choice

There are many Chinese Au Pairs  in Go Au Pair Philadelphia and NJ cluster and another Au Pair from China just joined us yesterday .   Hosting a  Chinese Au Pair is relatively new option for host families. According to Wikipedia,  in March 2007, Hongbin Yu of Harbin (north of Beijing) was the first Chinese au pair to arrive in the United States.[1]Ying won a photo contest

Several year ago I met my first Chinese Au Pair – Ying.  She helped a single mom to raise three adopted girls. Ying quickly became a real member of the family. When her host mother ended up in the hospital she was the one who took care of the kids. No doubt, that her host mom nominated her for  the Au Pair of the year award.Au Pair Ying and kids

Her mom said,” Ying has a calm manner that sets a good example for the girls…..  She is a wonderful role model for my girls, and I hope that at least some of her initiative rubs off on them! We are indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful young woman with us!”

Last year Ying received Go Au Pair’s exclusive  Au Pair in Excellence Award.aupair excellence

Au Pairs from China are quickly becoming some of our most popular Au Pairs. They are known to be dependable and hard working Au Pairs, who are able to make a smooth transition to life in the United States.


In honor of Go Au Pair featured country, families who match with an Au Pair from China in April Go Au Pair agency offered a $100 off the program fees.



Harmful Advice – 5 ways to damage relations with your host parents.

Have you ever read the Russian book by Gregory Oster Harmful Advice for Naughty Children and Their Parents?  The book “teaches” kids to do bad things in quite humorous fashion.

There are kids who are doing the opposite to what their parents ask them to do. There are also many adults with such a spirit of contradiction.

Here are some  harmful advice for an Au Pair. All these tips are real scenarios that I took from my experience working as  a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair.  Following these is an easy way to receive a rematch with your host family.

Harmful Advice for an Au Pairs.

Harmful tip number 1
Tell your host parents that they do not know how to bring up their kids and that they are doing everything wrong.  Only YOU know how to do that because you have a Master degree in early childhood education. Tell them that their kids are spoiled. Be honest and do not think before you speak, criticize them endlessly.

Harmful tip number 2
Don’t  take responsibility for your actions. Never admit that you made a mistake and do not try to correct the situation.  It is not your fault. Let yourself shine! Wherever you are, whatever you do, YOU are the best!  Give your host parents a chance once again to be sure. Always show that you’re smarter and more knowledgeable than others.

Harmful tip number 3
Forget about gratitude. Do not say “thank you” and ask “How are you?” to your host family. It’s just a waste of your time. The host family must to be nice and polite to YOU. Be strict, when your host parents present you a bar of chocolate, let them know that this one is not your favorite and advice them ask you what kind of chocolate you prefer next time. Mention that your Au Pair friend host parents are the best hosts since they bought her a new IPAD as a present.

Harmful tip number 4
follow house rules and your host parents instructions. Let your parents know that their rules are strange and don’t have any sense. Tell them that YOU do not agree with some of them and your family has never followed such as stupid rules. When you are late home at night, tell them that the curfew is nonsense, you are not a kid anymore. When they caught you constantly texting at work, explain that you are bored at work and need to be in touch with your friends.

Harmful tip number 5
Avoid communication with your host parents. Never admit if you do not understand a word or instructions. Don’t ask questions because they may find that language is a problem for you. Why should you  listen their concerns and advice? Host parents must share their  plans with YOU, but don’t discuss your plans and issues since they don’t care anyway.  Remember, it is impossible to reach a compromise with your hosts -never even try it.

I’m sure that after reading my bad advice you may have more to add.

Au Pairs becoming lifelong friends.

The friendship between Host Families and their Au Pairs are so meaningful and lasting.

From my  experiences working with Host Families and Au Pairs for several years, I see how incredibly powerful Au Pair program is!  Au Pairs become a part of the families, a big sisters/brothers to host family kids.

Au Pairs often develop a life-long friendship with the parents and, especially, with the kids. They become an extended family members. Small kids from a Host Family that came from India called their Au Pair “anty”.
Au Pair program offers what other forms of childcare can’t:  the  benefit of giving the family exposure to other languages, lifestyles, customs and making friends around the world!  The Au Pair program also opens minds and hearts to other cultures and makes kids responsible citizens of the world!

One of  host families from Go Au Pair in Philadelphia had five Au Pairs from South Africa over the years. They continue stay in touch with them. The parents together with their five children are planning to visit South Africa and meet all their five Aupairs.

Luckily, we have facebook and SKYPE  now that brings Au Pairs and Host Family close to each other when the time to leave comes.

Learning a Foreign Language with an Au Pair

Making a child learn a second language gives that child an educational advantage in the future.

Au Pairs  can  help kids learn a new language in addition to being a childcare provider. They are great language tutors since Au Pairs are with the children on a daily basis. Au Pairs help children learn a second language through study and play which leaves  parents not having to pay for the expensive lessons.

Hiring an Au Pair who speaks the language of the family’s choice is a perfect option. Many bi-lingual families choose to host an Au Pair from a specific country because the Au Pair is able to teach their children the language naturally through every day life.

There are a lot of benefits of learning a foreign language not only for bi-lingual families who have chosen to host an Au Pair.  According  to a cognitive neuroscientist Ellen Bialystok, who has spent almost 40 years learning about bilingualism, every child should  learn a foreign language because it sharpens their mind.

If you need someone right now, Go Au Pair offers the best selection of quality Au Pairs at an affordable cost. A family can choose from transition, extension and overseas Au Pairs.

Au Pairs and students activities

According to The Department of State requirement, every Au Pair must attend classes offered by an accredited U.S. post secondary institution( usually Colleges) for not less than six semester hours of academic credit. There are MANY activities available for Au Pairs in Colleges to enjoy and explore during their learning time. Students activities are an important part of students life and usually open to all students.

Colleges  have many students programs, clubs, organizations and the students can find them on their  College’s websites. Every College has a Calendar of Events that offers a wide variety of lectures, exhibits, concerts, performance, and special events that represent different cultures.

A wide variety of organizations are available for students interested in music participation, theater or dance clubs.

There are many sports clubs like baseball, basketball, volleyball, football, golf, soccer, swimming, tennis and much more.

It is important to Au Pairs get involved in student’s life.

Here are top 10 reasons for getting involved in college activities.

10. Take a break from studying and working

9. Get the most out of your Au Pair experience.

8. Explore your interests.

7. Improve your skills.

6. Learn more about your community.

5. Make new friends and connections.

4. Lend a helping hand.

3. Be a better student.

2.  Feed a new interest.


Au Pairs for families with multiple children

Au Pairs for families with multiple children is the best option to get the childcare for less money and much more.

Since 1980 the multiple birth rate had doubled. Many host parents realize the financial benefits of choosing an Au Pair for their multiple childcare needs. Hiring an Au Pair are more cost effective when compared to both daycare for several children and nanny care.

Au Pairs are young and motivated.  Many Au Pairs are professional teachers and daycare nannies and have experience working with groups of children. As a young adult with the energy to engage in age-appropriate active play, they are able to stimulate creativity.  They are enthusiastic about taking care of the children and give them the personal attention that they need.

Au Pair brings flexibility and convenience of live-in provider to the family. In addition, the Au Pair assists the family with some household duties.  In a big family parents often need an additional pair of hands to help with multiples.

There are just so many great aspects to this form of childcare; it truly is the perfect fit for many families with multiple children. The cost of an Au Pair is approximately $7.50 per hour regardless of how many children the family has.  Choosing an Au Pair provides the family with multiple children with affordable  live-in childcare.

Feel The Love.

Yesterday was Valentine’s day and everyone woke up really excited.

Joey got dressed and before he ate his sereal he wished me “Happy Valentine’s Day”-So cute!

My host mother, Allison, was eager to start her day and was in a great mood, as usual. She’s the best.

Olivia has been difficult in the past week – terrible twos – but today she behaved a lot better.

I was happy to be celebrating this special day in U.S for the first time and texted my friends in Brazil, sending them a video of the song “Friends”, by Band of Skulls.

When Allison came home from work she surprised me by giving me a card and a heart-shaped box of chocolate, with the condition that I keep the candy away from her. 😀

Joey’s day at school was really good, too. He came home with a bag full of candy his friends gave him. He did his homework, played on his computer and went out with his parents for chinese food – his favorite.

Livy stayed home with me and she Party Rocked a lot. “Party Rock” is her favorite song, but she also likes “Moves like Jagger”.

I’m blessed and so happy for the opportunity of working as a au pair and experiencing so much, getting to know amazing people and making a difference in their lives.

This was my V-Day… And today’s my day off, so I guess I’ll Just check on those chocolates now.

See you soon!!!!

A Brazilian Festival in Philadelphia. Com certeza!

Com certeza! (koh-oong seh-teh-zah; Literally: With certainty!) translates to Of course! or Definitely!

If someone asks you Vai para a festa? (vah-ee pah-dah ah fehs-tah; Are you going to the party?), you can answer Com certeza!

WOW, only one week  till a Brazilian Festival in Newtown,  Bucks county, near Philadelphia with my friends Au Pairs from Go Au Pair Philadelphia.

 Vai para a festa?  Com certeza!

Definitely!!!  We are going to have a lot of fun-a costume party, a Brazilian food cooking class, a costume competition, games, Brazilian music and dance. Brazilian Au Pairs and I am very busy with the preparations.

Now I will tell you a little more about  my lindo maravilhosa (marvelous) Brazil.

We are also known for our most important party, one that bring people together in the states of Bahia (Northeast), Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (Southeast): Carnival.

People get together in the streets or in arenas like Sapucaí (in Rio) and Sambódromo (in Sao Paulo) and watch the parade of floats and dancers present sambas about different themes related to our culture.

Every state and city offer something special, but Brazil’s most important ones are:

Sao Paulo: The Picture shows Paulista Ave.

Rio de Janeiro: Cristo Redentor.

Brazil’s music is also known worldwide. From Bossa Nova and Tropicalia to Axé and Rock.

From artists like Gilberto Gil

and Tom Jobin to Cazuza and  Ivete Sangalo.

Our most famous Music Festival has traveled around the world and came back to Brazil in 2011.

We’re also big on fashion. With fashion designers like: Alexandre Herchcovitch: (Stop drooling, ladies!)

And brands like:  Rosa Chá (Yep, that’s Naomi Campbell)

And Colcci:

And, well…Some of us are present in America’s runways and imagination:

My au-pairs friends, come join us!

A trip to Philly.

The time had come for me to get to know my other Au Pair friends, and what best way to do it than getting together in Philadelphia?!

My LAR from Go Au Pair (and owner of this blog) and I arrived at Suburban station and came face to face with the City Hall building.

The Kimmel Center for the performing arts was next, a very nice guide named Joe gave us a tour through the Verizon Hall-Home of the Philadelphia Orchestra, offering very interesting info on the architecture (bricks are Philli’s thing, they’re everywhere), history and background of the city in general.

As we walked toward the Reading Terminal Market us girls stopped by the Love Park and took turns posing by the Love sign. So much fun!

When we got there, it was packed. There were people everywhere you looked; it reminded me of a place in Sao Paulo called Mercado Municipal da Lapa.

I couldn’t visit the Liberty Bell, though. I’ll have to do that some other time.

After all, the journey has just begun.

Au Pair Journal from a journalist.


A new Au Pair Juliana from Brazil has joined us recently. Juliana is 22 years old, she is funny, lovely and sweet. She worked as a teacher in Brazil and now Juliana is an Au Pair from Go Au Pair agency. She lives with her lovely host family and sweet two kids in beautiful Bucks County, near Philadelphia.

Juliana is going to journal about her experience as an Au Pair, her new friends, the host family and American life as a Brazilian journalist.  She also will answer any questions you may have.

We are looking forward to reading about many future activities from our cluster such as a Holiday Party, a trip to Chinatown in center city, volunteering together with adopted kids from FRUA, a Brazilian festival and a costume contest, a cooking class of Brazilian Food, a trip to the Philadelphia Flowers Show, an International Dinner and many more.

This Journal  also would be wonderful virtual connection for several Au Pairs who left our cluster or about to leave the program and go home.

Good luck with your Journey and Journal, Juliana!

If you missed something, you can read all entries from Juliana’s  Au Pair Journal.  Stay tuned, many stories, pictures and movies are coming soon.

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