The Au Pair Program in the US and Abroad

The Au Pair program’s requirement varies around the world.

Go Au Pair agency currently sends Au Pairs to the following countries:  AustraliaAustriaChinaFranceGermanyNetherlandsNorwayNew ZealandSouth Africa, and Turkey

For example, German Au Pairs, who are between 18 and 24 years old, single and childless can provide 30 hours of childcare assistance and light housework for their host families each week. Childcare duties may include changing diapers, feeding, bathing, dressing, playing, reading, crafts, transporting between school and home or other outside activities, supervising play, and assisting with their bedtime routine.

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In addition to childcare, German Au Pairs help with housekeeping. Their household duties may include vacuuming, doing the laundry, preparing simple meals, grocery shopping, ironing, setting the dinner table, cleaning the children’s room and looking after pets.

Host Families in Germany provide their Au Pair with a private room and full board, €260 pocket money per month, 4 weeks vacation per year and health insurance. Au pairs are responsible to pay for their Visa, Airfare to and from Germany, classes and transportation to class

This program is close to Educare Au Pair program in the US. According J-1 Visa exchange visitor program, “EduCare participants are not to work more than 10 hours a day/30 hours a week. They must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours of academic credit, or its equivalent, during their program. Host families provide the first $1,000 to the Au Pair toward the cost of the educational component.” The EduCare weekly stipend is $146.81.

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As you see that German Au Pairs are supposed to do some housekeeping that is not a requirement for Au Pairs in the USA. Also they earn less money and are supposed to pay for their Visa, their tickets to and from Germany, and  their classes.

The Au Pair program cost in the US and outside

Many countries participate in the Au Pair program.  However, the Au Pair program requirement is very different around the world. The International Au Pair Association (IAPA) creates guidelines for au pair exchange programs and protects the rights of Au Pairs and host families from many countries.

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According J-1 Visa exchange visitor program, Au Pairs can” Provide up to 10 hours a day/45 hours a week of childcare” Outside the US,  Au Pairs usually work fewer hours and earn less money than US Au Pairs.

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According to Wikipedia, “In Europe, where the concept originated, au pairs are only supposed to work part-time, and they often also study part-time, generally focusing on the language of the host country, but in the United States, they are permitted to provide full-time childcare. In many countries Au Pairs are also supposed to pay for their classes, pay for their visa and paperwork, tickets and other experiences.”


For example, in Germany,  Au Pairs provide 30 hours of childcare assistance and light housework for their host families each week. Their stipend is 65 Euros per week. Some families are willing to pay part of the money towards the cost of travel and classes, but it is not a requirement. So, working as  an Au Pair in many countries can be expensive because it will cost money.


On the contrary, Au Pairs in the US can save a lot of money, because all those expenses American host families pay. In addition,  an Au Pair stipend in the US is usually higher. The Au Pair stipend for a standard program is $3.45 per hour set by the Federal Government and is  $195.75 per week for  45 hours or more than $10,000 per year. ($195.75 is the minimum amount required by the Department of State. Families and Au Pairs are free to agree upon any amount higher than this minimum.)

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Host families in the U.S. pay for Au Pairs J-i Visa and paperwork, classes, Airfare tickets and other expenses like health insurance, etc.. That is why the Au Pair program for the host family in the US costs around $8 per hour and depends on the agency.  With Go Au Pair the cost of the standard Au Pair program is $353 per week or only $7.85 per hour.

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