Au Pairs international picnic in Philadelphia

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Привіт! Hallo! Здравствуйте! 嗨! Nihao!
All of these greetings you could hear from our Au Pairs from different parts of the world during the Au Pair international picnic in Philadelphia!
My story will be about one of my favorite thing. About the food…I love to try different cuisines and the idea of our last meeting was to meet for international picnic.🌮🥗Au Pairs Philadelphia Bucks County
To tell you the truth I could not even imagine I will have a possibility to try so many delicious meals from different countries in same time.Au Pair Philadelphia Bucks County 3

My favorite was meat from South Africa. Thank you, Marco! Thank you for deserts it was excellent!
We were super lucky with the weather, not hot, not cold, just perfect
Amazing location:full cousin Au Pairs Philadelphia and Bucks County

Also it was so lovely time with all of you guys!
We had fun, laughed, listened funny stories and shared our most memorable American experience! We always have friendly atmosphere on our meetings!
And Thank You, Polina, our Local Area Representative, for giving us a possibility to explore more things about different culture and learn about Philadelphia and the US.Au Pair Philadelphia Bucks County
P.S.Enjoy your American experience and don’t eat so much sweets! Lol🤣Have a nice time in the States!

Chao! Good byе! До побачення! Auf Wiedersehen!再見!До встречи!

The family for ten Au Pairs

Many families from the Philadelphia and Bucks County Cluster of Go Au Pair have a great experience with the Au Pair program. The Veale family nominated their Au Pairs for the Au Pair of the year Award.  They had nine female Au Pairs and last year the family invited male Au Pair from Brazil

The Veale family hosted ten au pairs with Go Au Pair during ten years. The Veale family has five kids and they also open their hearts  for ten Au Pairs from around the world. Many Au Pairs became part of their family.  The former Au Pairs still visit the family. This summer the Veale family and their new Au Pair made a trip to Germany to visit their former Au Pair Valerie from Germany.

Please read a post from the former Au Pair Karla. ” I am Karla Endres, a South African Au Pair who lived with a very special family; The Veale Family. What makes this family so special is the 2 loving parents, the 2 puppies, a few fish and of course the 5 kids who makes this house a home.The parents were very welcoming and they truly care about their Au Pairs and will make each new Au Pair feel special and part of the family…..

In my year as an Au Pair I got to travel from the east to the west of America. I made three live long friends that I will never forget. We can truly support and help each other and this is what will bond us for live! I also met a lot of other Au Pairs’ from all over the world and learned about their cultures.

Go Au Pair agency was always there when I had any questions or needed help. My cluster group was blessed with a Local Area Representative (LAR) who truly cared and who arranged fun group activities for us. So thank you for all the places you took us to.

So one year later I leave with a lot more knowledge about the world, about myself and about love. The family showed me it’s easier to laugh when you’d rather want to yell, to smile when you feel like crying and to love even when you’re scared of losing!

It’s good to know I will always have a family in America and The Veale Family will always have a place in my heart!

Au Pair meetings.

The Au Pair meetings are designed for cultural exchange.  They give the Au Pairs an opportunity to meet new Au Pairs from around the word and form friendships. The cluster meetings also create a sense of unity and belonging to the group of Au pairs that have a lot of common. The cluster meeting give Au Pair a chance to talk to a Local Area Representative if there are any issues or questions and prevent many issues.

We had a great Au Pair meeting and the second annual buddy appreciation party on 02.28.2016 at Brunswick Zone XL Feasterville, Bucks County, PA. Please read a post by our new Au Pair from Ukraine Tanya.

The Au Pair meetings promote cultural awareness and help gain a new experience. I invited to our last meeting the school teacher Claudia Young.

Claudia  started MAKE A DIFFERENCE CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION four years in one of Bucks County schools. Make a Difference is involved in many projects to help children in both our local and global communities.  MAKE A DIFFERENCE mission is to bring relief to children living in poverty.

The Foundation is making a difference in the lives of children living in some of Nigeria’s poorest areas. Claudia shared the stories of a few kids she met during her two trips to Nigeria. Many Au Pairs were touched by those stories. They met Claudia after the Au Pair meeting and discussed ways they can participate in MAKE A DIFFERENCE projects.  It was great to see how everyone was involved and wanted to help.

Perhaps, Au Pairs can volunteer at The International Spring Festival with other Go Au Pair clusters and joined many other projects to help the foundation to MAKE A DIFFERENCE to children living in poverty!

2015 Au Pairs Christmas Party.

Enjoy the post which wrote by Au Pair from Brazil Aline. Thank you for sharing, Aline!Au Pair Christmas party 8
Last Saturday, December 12, 2015, we had our Christmas party and most of the Au Pairs from Go Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia were together.2015 Au Pair party
We went to Au Pair Alejandra host family in Bucks County, PA. Thanks to the Kelly family for hosting out party! Thanks to Alejandra for decorating and preparing the party, assisting and entertaining us!Au Pair Christmas party 14
All the Au Pairs brought a traditional dish from their countries and they were delicious.Au Pair Christmas party 18 I can’t remember now which one I’m fell in love. There were 8 countries together and the same mission for everyone!Au Pair Christmas party 11
Our Local Area Representative Polina brought us some games, some funny questions about “would you prefer to be…” That was really funny!
Au Pair Christmas party 9
Secret Santa!!!! Yes, we had! We started to exchange our gifts and a lot of pics came after this!Au Pair Christmas party
Thanks cluster, for the amazing year, amazing party!!! Let’s get ready for next year and I wish a happy holiday for everyone!!! Merry Christmas!

My first Au Pair meeting with Go Au Pair cluster in Bucks County, PA

Please enjoy the guest post My first Au Pair meeting with Co Au Pair cluster in Bucks County, PA by a new Au Pair from South Africa Lisa.

On Sunday, 09.20.2015 we had a meeting with Au Pairs and Host Families from Go Au Pair and my Local Area Representative Polina.
We all went to The Village Renaissance Fair in Newtown PA, the entry fee was only $5 to get into the fair.The Village Renaissance Fair, 2015

We all met up there in different cars and paid to get in once in we were all welcomed by Polina.

She showed us where we can go to dress up for free so we can fit in with the renaissance period and take photo’s with friends.The Village Renaissance Fair

We all danced in a circle with the devil and took some photos of group and did introductions for new au pairs.The Village Renaissance Fair 7

After that, we just had a small group discussion then we were free to walk around fair and do our own thing.

The Village Renaissance Fair5

Things to do, there was a lot there to do, the food smelt amazing so many choices, and there were ice cream trucks etc. There was a parade with knights, queen and kings etc thru the fair to entertain us.The Village Renaissance Fair 10Few girls wanted to learn how to belly dance and got a lesson and did a show for us. It was very lovely too take photo’s with new friends we made for memories of the times we shared and there was props and awesome decor and of cause entertainers willing to pose with us for photos.IMG_20150920_145259

So all in all, it’s a very good fair, especially for families, there are lots to do for children like jumping castles, sword fighting etc. There were also lots of games that you could play to win prizes, but for us we all had a fun time meeting all the new and old faces and making new friends.

Rainbows, Flowers and all things Pretty

Considering it’s been like a bajillion years since my last blog It would be next to impossible for me to blog about every single adventure I’ve been on in the last few weeks, so I thought I’d chose one of my favourites!

On the 1st of March I finally worked up the courage to leave the safe confides of my room for pretty much the first weekend since I arrived here, and joined all the au pairs in the Bucks County cluster at the Philadelphia Flower Show.

As I’ve only been here a month I was quite nervous to meet everyone but once I met the loving, friendly faces of all the girls my nerves soon disappeared!

Much to my dismay I was still the baby of the group, with my being 19 and one girl being 29 years old I felt like I should have a parental guardian with me or something! LOLIMG_20150301_114640

The flower show was loads of fun! We were each paired up and working in individual stalls which was a great way to interact with the community along with making it easier to really get to know a fellow au pair.

My stall was the very first booth which meant my job was to welcome, greet and explain the process of the day.IMG_2293Overall I had so much fun! All the girls were so nice, the flower show was absolutely breath taking and the day was so much fun! IMG_2281I 100% definitely recommend it to everyone!IMG_2285

Thank you so much to Polina, our Local Area Representative, and GO AU PAIR for organising such a wonderful day.IMG_2277I know I can speak for everyone when I say that it was an unbelievable experience, one none of us will soon forget!

Are you a good buddy?

Our cluster started the Au Pair buddy program 8 months ago. What does being a buddy mean? When you arrived to the country for the first time, you probably didn’t know much about how and where to start to settle in. But you had a special friend already waiting for you from our group who was there for you and gave you support. For me this friend was Brenda, Au Pair from Mexico. Brenda showed me around the area and gave me great advices regarding our job.
Having a buddy also means that when you are leaving your home behind and come to the USA, you will already have a friend here! 🙂


You will eventually be a buddy yourself too. What can you do to help someone after arriving? You can show the area around, your favorite places, the best restaurants or coffee shops. You can introduce the new aupair to your friends, give advices, go out, have fun. You can prepare your favorite traditional meal and teach some expressions in your language. You can help someone to make the best out of the aupair experience by your support and friendship.

Having a buddy and being a buddy is a great project that we created and hopefully it will be something that we will keep doing in the future. To celebrate the new tradition, our Local Area Representative Polina will organize a buddy appreciation party with bowling and surprises. It will be on the 18th of January at Thunderbird Lanes, 1130 York Road, Willow Grove, PA 19090. If you want to have fun, come! It is a good chance to thank your buddy all the support and help. Thank you Polina for making this happen and organizing the event!

A Local Area Representative never goes off duty

According Go Au Pair ,” the primary responsibility of a Local Area Representative (LAR) is to monitor and support Au Pairs and Host Families living in the local area.” A LAR is supposed to follow Department of State regulations and work closely with Go Au Pair’s corporate office. IMG_9025

I have been working as a LAR for Go Au Pair in the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area for more than 5 years. I can say that there are a lot of responsibilities but also a lot of support from the agency.  Go Au Pair team is helpful, friendly and sharp, no answering machine with the message “Your call is very important to us!” Very knowledgeable and experienced Placement Coordinators are always here to help during the working hours and in a case of emergency there is a someone available to help 24/7. Welcome to go au pair

As a Local Are Representative, I am rarely “off duty” (just a short vacation sometimes) and must be prepared to represent the Go Au Pair agency at almost any time. As a LAR I need to support and keep consistent communication with Host Families and Au Pairs. No “working hours” or weekends for me and other Go Au Pair Local Area Representatives.Cultural exchange

I try not only answer the questions and give Au Pairs and Host families valuable advice almost any time, but also alleviate Au pairs and Host families woes, so they will worry less after speaking with me.  I keep in mind that my Au Pairs may not have anyone to speak or help.

There is a really big commitment to be responsible for young men and women who are far from home. They may be sick and feel the stress and anxiety in some scary or unknown situations.go-au-pair-at-the-picnic

The line between my personal life and work is often blurred. As a LAR I am supposed to be ready to help host families and Au Pairs with the urgent questions 24 hours and Au Pairs meeting are always held on weekends.positive Au Pairs

Even though, a Local Area Representative never goes off duty and hold a huge responsibility for the wellbeing of the participants of the Au Pair program, it is a work I enjoy. I made many friends through my work. There are a lot of positive energy and great experiences.

It is a  pleasure to help Au Pairs and host families and I am happy to provide them with the highest level of attention and service possible.


Go Au Pair Local Area Representative and other hats.

Being a Local Are Representative of the  Best Rated Au Pair Agency for 2013 is a big responsibility and honor at the same time.

Go Au Pair received higher ratings compared to all other 14 agencies for “overall customer service.” – Au Pair Clearinghouse, Nation’s only independent Au Pair review website

Go Au Pair #1

According to Go Au Pair, “The primary responsibility of a Local Area Representative is to monitor and support Au Pairs and Host Families living in the local area.”

Supporting Au Pairs and Host Families who have very different missions, can be very challenging.  There are many duties and liabilities. Being a Local Area Representative, means being comfortable with a variety of roles.

A LAR wears many hats!

Au Pair Program Expert, Mentor, Counselor, Educational Adviser, Communicator, Early Childhood Development Specialist, Social Mediator, Cultural Liaison, Marketing Specialist, Networker, Au Pair/Host Family Advocate, Negotiator, Peacemaker, Intermediary, Listener, Supporter, Motivator, Volunteer Coordinator, Manager, Crisis Counselor, Insurance Advisor, Party Organizer, Driver….

And this list goes on…LAR wear many hats

You may be thinking that it’s impossible for any one person to do all of the listed above. Of course, LAR needs the special skills and experience that comes with the job. LAR should be a self-learner as well because no one is an expert in all of the fields.Local Area Representative Go Au Pair can

Strongly believing in the Au Pair childcare, willingly spreading the word about the Au Pair program, being helpful and caring about other people are personal LARs traits that lay a good foundation.

Training and support from Go Au Pair Team and other LARs, being open minded and willing to learn every day, enjoying your job and cultural exchange helps a Local Area Representative wear many hats. love


Go Au Pair Friends and Thanksgiving.

I have been working as a Local Area Representative (LAR) for Go Au Pair in the Philadelphia, Bucks County and NJ area for more than 5 years. In all this time I feel grateful to have gotten constant support from the Go Au Pair agency.  Go Au Pair team is helpful, friendly and sharp. If you need something, you can find a help right away – no answering machine with the message “Your call is very important to us!


Very knowledgeable and experienced Placement Coordinators are always there to help during the working hours and in a case of emergency there is a someone available to help as well. I am thankful for the wonderful Go Au Pair team and friends I have made there in these past years with.

I also made many friends with LARs from Go Au Pair. We have a Local Area Representatives network group that I know I can rely on.

A Local Area Representatives are never off duty and hold a huge responsibility for wellbeing of the participants of the Au Pair program. There is a big commitment, responsibility and honor at the same time being a Local Are Representative of the  Best Rated Au Pair Agency for 2013. Thank you LARs for your hard work, and helping Go Au Pair become a number 1!

Go Au Pair #1

I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful  host families and Au Pairs through these years. It is a work I enjoy. There are always a lot of positive energy and experience.

Go Au Pair Team

It’s really a joy to see the Au Pairs personal growth, obtaining valuable experience and cultural exchange. It is a pleasure to see how families have a positive experience and develop long-term friendships through the Au Pair program. It is a  pleasure to work with happy Au Pairs and happy host families.Au Pair friends

Happy Thanksgiving to Go Au Pair Team, LARs, Host Families and Au Pairs.  “Thank You,” for everything these past years.

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