Happy Birthday to the most amazing Host Mom ever!!

Today is the Birthday of Laura. She is my Host Mom. I would like to wish her a beautiful day today with this post as well. 

She has a heart of gold and a unique sense of humor. Both of these things remind me of my mom and my former English teacher.

I can not tell her over and over again, how unique she is (THEY are) for me. I would like to emphasize it in any kind of way I can!

I can not express how lucky I feel, that I can live with her (with THEM) and taking care of her three smart and marvelous children. I am incredibly thankful.

I do not want to  write anything about the emotional situations we were in before, I think this is not the appropriate place for that. BUT:

  • She brought me a pink (which is my favorite color) blanket, pillow cases and a pink toothbrush before I came here. She asked me:

“I was just wondering, what is your favorite color?”

  • She really takes care of me and my family at home. She (THEY) really want(s) me to feel that I belong here.
  • She helps me straight away, when I ask her. I feel, that it is not a must to her. She wants to help. She (THEY) want(s) me to feel comfortable here.
  • I can read her books!!! ♥

I could write many-many pages about her! Haha  She is special.

I felt feelingly a lot of times, since I am here. I experienced a lot of things with her (THEIR) help, because of her (THEIR) real openness. Thank you. My mom and dad are thankful as well, that I am in a good and caring place with a huge and kind family. 

“Home is where the heart is.”

Meet the Au Pair from Germany Cosima.

Cosima joined our Go Au Pair cluster recently. She is very mature for being 19 and adjusted to the Au Pair life in America very fast. Cosima started driving next day after her arriving and already made many friends. Cosima is very active, she explored many places in Bucks County where she lives, Cosima even enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Philadelphia with other Au Pairs.


Cosima will be a Buddy for a new Au Pair from South Africa – Rikie.  They are both 19 years old, love sport and live in Doylestown. Cosima is very excited to be Buddies with Rikie.

Au Pair from Germany 5

Meet the German Au Pair Cosima. Here are three adjectives that best describe her:  strong-minded, reliable, and calm.Au Pair from Germany 1

I’m Cosi from Germany, 19 years old, living in a lovely German-American Family with 3 kids in Doylestown.Au Pair from Bucks County

I came to the US to work with kids and to explore the country and culture.I love to play soccer and tennis or go to the gym.

Au Pair from Germany2

Besides sports, I like to be with friends and family.

Aupair from Bucks CountyHere in the US I would like to meet other people, especially during the weekend, to join me in visiting some events or other cities like NY or Washington D.C.

Au Pair from  Bucks County

or just to have fun together.

Au Pair from Germany3

What was the best event/happening during last month?
It was my arrival at the Philadelphia airport, where my whole host family picked me up with some sheets of paper the kids made for me.

Thank you for offering help to Rikie!

Au Pairs at the Brazilian Day Festival in NY.

Last week several Brazilian Au Pairs from Philadelphia went to see the Brazilian Festival in NY. Brazilian Day in New York is celebrating its 29th anniversary and is a great cultural event. You can read about the history of Brazilian Day Festival.

Au Pairs at the brazilian Festival

The Brazilian Festival in NY considered the worlds biggest Brazilian event outside Brazil.  People come not only from the United States, but also all over the world.at the brazilian Festival

The dolls are very famous in Recife/Brazil. The first doll is PELÉ (famous soccer player in Brazil) and the second doll is Luiz Gonzaga (famous singer in Brazil). He passed away in 1989, but everybody still likes his songs. It’s a great images.
Au Pairs at the brazilian Festival NYIt was a great chance to celebrate Brazil while being so far away from home for Fernada, a Brazilian Au Pair with Go Au Pair agency. Fernanda is almost finished her Au Pair year and is going home to Brazil. She said “Brazil, where I was born, where I learned a lot of things and where it is full of joy.”  Read more about Fernanda’s native country that she loves very much and…  Welcome to Brazil! “Meu Brasil, Brasileiro!!”

Au Pair Fernanda at the brazilian Festival

It was a fantastic year that Fernanda spent as an Au Pair in the US with her lovely host family and her friends from the Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia. Time has passed surprisingly quickly, I can’t believe it is almost time to say good-bye! We will miss you, Fernanda. I hope you return to the US to spend another wonderful Au Pair year or two with Go Au Pair!

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