From Alaska to Hawaii.

Ophelia’s Diary.

After Christmas, I left Alaska and traveled to Hawaii with my host family.7913_970606370046_652065710_n

Before I started my trips, all my friends told me like this, “ Ophelia, I have never been in Alaska or Hawaii, you are so lucky!” I know I am super lucky to be an Au Pair. Your life experience can be as great as mine if you choose to be an Au Pair. Also, I am a lucky Au Pair, because I chose Go Au Pair agency and Go Au Pair helped me find an amazing family.68882_970564384186_419375946_n

Are you ready to explore Hawaii together with me, now? We went to the island called Maui. During that time, President Obama was in Hawaii too. Unfortunately, we were on different islands.

Every morning, you can see whales in the water. 

Laying on the beach, listening to the lap of the waves against the seashores. Or just have a nap after you get out of the swimming pool. Life is lazy here.


The most amazing things I saw was the rainbow. We even saw a double rainbow!


I am sure the rainbow impressed Theo too. At such a young age, Theo could experience this  great thing, it was so good for him. I hope his life can be as colorful as the rainbow in the future.


Hawaii is a place after you come, you don’t want to leave anymore.


I am looking forward to coming back to Hawaii one day.

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