Male Au Pairs or mannies

Go Au Pair has been rapidly increasing its pool of well-trained and screened Au Pair candidates, including many male Au Pairs from all over the world.

There are many benefits for choosing male Aupairs.  Some families find that Male Au Pairs (or ‘mannies,’ as they are frequently called) are easier to deal with than female Aupairs.


  • tend to be happier with simpler accommodations
  • are willing to do more of the housework without complaint
  • are more flexible and practical
  • help with children sports practice
  • are creative with game and activities
  •  are becoming male role model for kids
  • don’t get emotional and weepy.

In 2009, Go Au Pair’s male Au Pair Daniel, from South Africa was recognized as one of the 6 international finalists for the Au Pair of the Year Award. Daniel was nominated by his Host Family who said that he “exemplifies the qualities of an excellent Au Pair!” Daniel arrived in the U.S. in March of 2008, and began providing care for two boys, aged 12 and 2. In December 2008, the youngest child was diagnosed with a developmental delay in speech, and Daniel began working with him each day to help develop and improve his language skills.

Although female Au Pairs still ‘dominate the field,’ more and more families are turning to males. Male Au Pairs are becoming especially popular among single moms, who appreciate having male role models for their children.

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