Congratulations, Maria, with your second Au Pair year!

Maria, Au Pair from Ukraine, starts her second Au Pair year with her host family today! Congratulations, Maria! Best wishes and Good Luck! We love to hear many new stories about your Au Pair journey in the US!ukrainian Au Pair

“I am starting another year with my American family in Bucks County,  PA! I am really happy and I’m looking forward to spending my second Au Pair year!

Maria Au Pair from Ukraine

Since I have been here I learned a lot about American culture and lifestyle! It is really impressive and nothing I could compere with. It is just very different! But I absolutely love it with all my heart! IMG_1251

I met so many nice people, made new friends, did a lot of traveling, was a volunteer for the international spring festival, went to an American college, ate a real Philly cheese-steak, had an American camping experience, went to Mexico, saw so many deer, foxes, learned about the American way to raise kids.Au pair from Ukraine

I learned lot of new cool things! I am so thankful for everything that I have done and I’m looking forward to many new adventures with my host family and my friends!

Maria Au Pair from Bucks County

I am really happy and I’m looking forward to spending this awesome time of my life as an Au Pair!”

Good Luck again, Maria. Thank you for sharing about your Au Pair journey in the US!

A limo ride with my host kid!

Hey guys, It is Mariia, Ukrainian au pair again. I live in Bucks County, PA with my awesome host family
Happy Spring! Summer is coming up and the weather is very warm and lovely!
Today my story will be about my limo! Yes, Mariella, my older host kid, and I call it limo! Maria from Ukraine

Every morning my princess Mariella and I have the coolest ride to school! No, it’s not a car, it is a bike with a track for kids! It has a windows there so Mariella can look around during our trip to school. Mariella has a protection from the bugs so no one can disturb her, and she has place for bottle of water there!Maria Bucks County Au Pair

We are having so much fun riding this cool Limo.  All our neighbors know us and they are friendly waving and saying hi to us. School personal saying, “oh, limo has arrived!” It is really cool and helpful for us  – instead of 15-20 min walking – it takes like 7-8 min riding ! It’s really good exercise and helps me wake up in the morning.

When I come to pick up Mariella from school every single parent wants to open the limo and they all  say WOW! That is so cool!Maria Au Pair Ukraine

Thank you my host mom Alla Gerzon for such a nice gift! We love it!
I hope you read the Ukrainian Au Pair storyFollow my dreams,  about My lovely hometown in Ukraine  and my vacation in Mexico with my host family and many other stories!

Xoxo,your Ukrainian au pair Mariia Bilous.  Keep smiling and be happy!

Ukrainian Au Pair story.

My story began from a French croissant…Au Pair from Ukraine 3

Hey, it’s me, Ukrainian Au Pair Maria Bilous. My adventure started when I had French croissants with my Ukrainian friend Andrei! You will get the point why a French croissant was so important in my story! Lol… By that time

Last Spring I came back from Turkey – I used to work there for last 3 amazing years. I was about to change something in my life – well completely to change! I was looking for new emotions, new faces, new adventure. I needed to go somewhere and do something new what makes me feel happy! It doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy by that time because my life in Turkey was so colorful – I used to work as part of entertainment in one of the coolest place in this world Liberty hotels Lykia!Au Pair from Ukraine

So my friend and I were telling to each other how our lives are going and what happened for last few years and shared French croissants. Suddenly, he looked on me enjoying the croissant and said,” Maria!I think you should try cultural exchange program Au pair because you like to spend time with kids and you always want to go somewhere and explore some new things!” He said it will be very interesting for me! I came back home and checked google what Au pair program is.

There are a lot of information about the Au Pair program and I really found it very cool. Next morning I visited ”Пять континентов” it’s one of Ukrainian agency by Go Au Pair in Cherkassy and found all the details about it. I am the person who is like I want something I get it!!!So I started to get ready all my documents, reviews and read more about USA and American childcare. Au Pair from Ukraine 5

To be honest,  there were a lot of things  scary for me like: what if I can’t do it? or what if the kids will not like me? or what if it be very lonely there ?or Oh My God! I have to cross not just the countries -I had to cross the continent! Which is fine! We all human too nervous about something important and, especially, if you are a girl. Au Pair from Ukraine 2

Now I’m so proud of myself and happy to be in the USA ! Thank you to the Au Pair program for the opportunity and Go Au Pair for helping me to find my lovely host family! Read the second part of my amazing story.

An Amazing Trip to Alaska with My Host Family.

Ophelia’s Diary.

Hello in a new 2o14 year! Happy new 2014! I hope you miss reading my diary. Here is a new story about an amazing trip from Philadelphia to Alaska with my Host Family.

au pair 2014 a1My host family is originally from Alaska. As their Au Pair, before Christmas I had a chance to travel to Alaska with them. This trip was so amazing. I am really a lucky Au Pair who has a very lovely host pair 2014 a4

If you don’t go to Alaska, you can never imagine how beautiful the scenery there. Snow mountains are on the water. Everything is unusual clear. The clouds are so fluffy, feels like you were walking in the mist forest.

Skiing in Alaska is definitely one of my favorite things. This was my first time to ski.

au pair 2014 a2

I went there with host father and host grandfather. They were very good teachers. I had so much fun skiing with them.On our way back home, we saw a baby moose!

au pair 2014 a3

I am so glad I had my first Christmas in a world of ice and snow.

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My first American birthday.

Ophelia’s Diary.

Please enjoy this post about a very special birthday that the Au Pair from Go Au Pair agency Ophelia had in America. Thank you very much for sharing with us, Ophelia. And Happy Birthday again!  We love you!

Hi, I am Ophelia, an au pair from China and now I live in Philadelphia. I just been 21 last Wednesday, I have a fantastic birthday experience in the US with my host family and au pair friends!

 Au Pairs meeting at Bryn Athym 022

I have been here for almost two months, I live a happy life in here with my host family. My host mom Sophie likes cooking, I learnt a lot from her, can you image that she even baked a birthday cake for me! It’s the best cake I once got on my birthday! Also, I got an Amazon gift card and an eCard from grandma Sandy, she is in Alaska now, but she still remember my birthday, how sweet she is!

 Au Pair's cake

As my birthday was on Wednesday, most of my friends need to work, so we couldn’t celebrate it that day. But all my Au pair friends remembered my birthday, they posted lots of blessing words on my Facebook, this made me moved a lot! Finally on Saturday night, we got a chance to have a small au pair party for my birthday. We celebrated it at Monica’s home, Monica’s host parents are so nice, they even gave us some fund to suppose our party!

 Au Pair's birthday

It’s really a mini party, just Monica, Annie, Fernanda and I we four joined it, but we still have fun together. We planned to celebrate for another two au pairs together, as their birthdays are close, but unfortunately, they have to work at Saturday night. Now let me show you how fun was this mini party!

Au Pairs Philadelphia

This was our first time to meet Fernanda, she is a very nice and kind girl, and I got a lovely gift from her. And Monica cooked a flan for our party. That flan looks just like a perfect birthday cake, I love it a lot.  Also, I baked some classic bran muffins for our party, there are more recipes on Au Pair Sis Pinterest

Classic Bran Muffins

We got a lot of delicious food in here. When we were together, we talked a lot about our life in the US and in our hometown. My friends were interested in Chinese culture, so I tried to explain to my friends about how we write in Chinese.

As an au pair, I did feel a lot about the cultural difference, and I learned a lot, I enjoy it!

My host parents are so sweet, they knew I like cooking a lot, so they give me a wonderful cooking class as a birthday gift!  Guess what kind of birthday gift I got from my host parents?  It’s “classic Italian desserts cooking class”!

How wonderful the cooking class will be? Let me share it with you next time!
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Go Au Pair Au Pair saved a baby from a distracted truck driver.

On May 13th, Sharon Lizcano Tellez, an Au Pair from Colombia, performed a truly heroic act. She saved the life of an 8-month-old she has been caring for, from a distracted truck driver, while crossing a street at a cross walk. Realizing that the accident was unavoidable, Sharon protected the baby by shifting her body and absorbing the impact of the crash to her left side, away from the child.

I have been working with the Au Pair program in Philadelphia for the past 3 years and have never heard of such a courageous story. As a Local Area Representative for Go Au Pair in Philadelphia, upon meeting Sharon for the first time, I immediately noticed that she is an outstanding Au Pair, mature and responsible with a warm and caring personality. I was impressed when she showed up  at our meeting on the second day after she arrived.

Sharon is a 26 year old Au Pair from Colombia.  She has a lot of experience with kids and worked as an Au Pair in Holland before coming to the USA. Sharon is a very giving person. She loves children from her heart and cares for them as if they were her own.

Her friend, a 20 year old Au Pair Maria from El Salvador, was walking with the second baby in a stroller. Maria was  hit by a distracted driver of a van too, and  was slightly injured. Fortunately the baby escaped unharmed. You can see Maria on the video, volunteering for FRUA Holiday party.

We are proud of our Au Pairs who are experienced, reliable, and responsive, provide the highest level of childcare and become a part of the family and the local community as well. 

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