Classic Italian desserts cooking class

Ophelia’s Diary.

For you to know, I have never took a cooking class before I became an Au Pair and came to the US.  I was looking forward to it.

Au Pair cooking class in Philly

The classic Italian desserts cooking class is a birthday gift from my host parents Joe and Sophie, what I have to say is that, it’s the best birthday gift I have got so far!

Au Pair cooking class

We have seven students in the class, we learnt how to make three desserts with Thomas Heck of Davio’s Philadelphia. They are orange olive oil cake, panna cotta and warm chocolate cake.

Au Pair cooking class in Philadelphia

From this class I learned how to decorate the cakes, make them more attractive to your guests! So now I can make more delicious and pretty cakes for my friends and family!

my Au Pair cooking class with Thomas Heck of Davio's

These cakes are so sweet, sugar and butter are the secrets of America! I find the real reason why I gain weight in here! I used to don’t eat sweet foods at all. In China, my best friend Aliee has very bad teeth, she can’t eat too many sweet foods, so we like eating spicy foods together.

But now I eat sweet foods everyday. Sweet foods really make me feel the sweet of life in here

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