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My girls turned me into a human barbie doll and I think i loved it more than them 💕

My girls turned me into a human barbie doll and I think i loved it more than them 💕

As I settle into my now 3rd week in the United States as an Au Pair for GoAuPair my day to day life still never fails to surprise! I love the fact that I’m learning something new every single day despite spending 97% of my time with 2 children under the age of 5! (Whom I love unconditionally already!!)

So anyway yesterday was my first time being left alone with the girls and to my surprise i wasn’t nervous at all! Don’t get me wrong I definitely had my share of freak out moments that’s for sure but luckily 2 weeks of what I like to call “training” with the previous au pair and then the host mum, got rid of pretty much all my nerves and fear! Unfortunately Brigit the eldest got seriously Ill the day before my first day alone so that deffinitely added to my nerves a little bit but some RnR and plenty of kisses and cuddles got rid of that stomach bug quick fast!

As my first day alone was a Friday it gave me a snapshot of what I can expect next week, and it certainly did just that! I am so excited and eager to get started!

I’ll be sure to keep you all “posted” lol pun intended 😉

wish me luck talk soon xxxx

An Au Pair and family privacy.

From an Au Pair mom.

(Anna T., a host mother and an author of articles about hosting an au pair: How to hire an au pair, How to save money on an au pair program, How to welcome your new au pair.)

Will I be able to relax and enjoy myself at home with another adult hanging around all the time?

Different families have different needs for privacy, and different needs of socialization in their own home. Au pairs also have different expectations of living with an american family during their time here – some look forward to nightly family dinners, some look forward to daily study sessions in their own room, outings to the gym or coffee shop in their free time, and everything in between.

When just starting out with the au pair program, sometimes it is difficult for a family to decide what kind of time they want to commit to spending with their au pair in her free time. Often there is a level of flexibility – I easily adjust to different needs of our different au pairs, I enjoy chatting up a storm at times, as well as I understand their need for “me” time outside the home or inside their rooms. The only type I found hard to live with was a girl who disappeared into her room the second her shift was over, and never came out on weekends, even when she was home. But this is an extreme, and those kinds of personalities don’t usually work well with the au pair program.

When a family has an idea of their ideal relationship with an au pair, they can look for a candidate that shares those expectations during the matching process. Sometimes the level of interaction between the family and an au pair depends on the personalities involved, and in a great personality match between the family and an au pair, everything just works out.

From my experience, au pairs never made me feel like I was giving up privacy in order to host them. I enjoyed having them around, and they were not around too much during their free time.

Most au pairs are excited to explore America; they make new friends quickly, and don’t spend most of their free time hanging out at home.  The structure of the au pair program, with local au pair clusters and regular mandated meetings, is perfect for creating an instant social circle and support network for a new au pair.

Matching with a good driver and giving an au pair access to a car during her free time gives her the necessary freedom of movement in most suburban areas, so she doesn’t depend on her friends or host family to for transportation. Selecting an au pair who is not timid, curious about the world, and an extravert is not only good for her adjustment to the USA, but also makes her less dependent on her host family for her life outside work.

Sometimes a layout of the home allows to have the au pair’s bedroom in a separate area.

It is also important to make the au pair feel at home in her room, and give her everything she might need, such as a computer with a fast internet connection to talk to her family at home, a phone, a TV set.

And finally, good communication helps solve most problems in the au pair and host family relationship, including understanding the balance of togetherness comfortable for both the family and the au pair. If inviting an au pair to the family function on her day off, it is important to communicate that her presence is truly welcome. If an au pair wants to come along when the family would rather spend the time just together, it is important to explain this need to her.

Top ten reasons to consider a Chinese Au Pair

 Chinese Au Pairs have become the most popular choice among host families. Here are the top ten reasons to consider an Au Pair from China.

  1. Expose kids to the Mandarin language. With a Chinese au pair, families are giving their children the opportunity to be immersed in the language and culture. Mandarin is one of the fastest growing languages taught at public schools in the United States.
  2. Highly educated. All of  Go Au Pair’s Au Pairs from China currently placed in the U.S. were either enrolled in college or already held a degree prior to their arrival. 77% have graduated from college, and 20% have had some college education.
  3. Great with infants. Most of Chinese Au Pairs are infant qualified.
  4.  Willing to work with the group of kids and have experience working with multiple from China.
  5. Have strong English skills. Fluency in English is a highly prized skill in the Chinese job market and that is one of the reasons Chinese Au Pairs chose to come to the USA.
  6. Have teaching experience. Working as a teacher is a very typical career choice before becoming an Au Pair.
  7. Willing to help with house chores, they usually eager to cook a delicious and healthy meals.
  8. Mature. Almost all (93%) of Go Au Pair’s au pairs are over the age of 21, and come to USA to improve their English skills.
  9. Good role models. Chinese Au Pairs are sporty, well mannered and respectful of host parents and elders.
  10. Bright and willing to work and study hard. They are looking forward to taking college credits at American universities improve their job potential and career possibilities when they return home.

Adoptive parents or considering international adoption?

Just like there is Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, there is also a day dedicated to children: “International Children’s Day”. International Children’s Day is observed on June 1st to celebrate children.

Children’s Day is celebrated by children all over the world. In many places, kids’ parties and other events for children and their families take place. Often, parents also give their children a present for Children’s Day.

According to the United Nations, every child should have a right to

Pearl Buck

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education, good health, a fair standard of living. Unfortunately, not all children in the world live comfortably. Many live in poverty, many are being treated unfairly, and many are orphans. That is why Children’s Day also serves to raise awareness for children and their rights.

American citizens represent the majority of international adoptive parents, followed by Europeans and those from other more developed nations. Today China is the leading country for international adoptions by Americans.

In 1949, outraged that existing adoption services considered Asian and mixed-race children unadoptable, Pearl S. Buck, a famous American writer, established Welcome House, Inc., located in Bucks County, PA,  the first international, interracial adoption agency. Buck not only pioneered foreign adoption in the United States, but also personally raised a dozen children. Her years of courageous philanthropy led to an entirely new community of Amerasian children adopted into the United States. In nearly five decades of work, Welcome House has placed over five thousand children in loving families.

Today,  Pearl S. Buck International, the author’s foundation, provides children around the world with the opportunity to grow in a loving permanent family. They provide not only the highest standard of adoption services, but also ongoing support for adopted children and their families, community education, advocacy, and humanitarian assistance.

In my cluster I have several families with  adoptive children who love our Au Pair program because they are able to take advantage of hiring an Au Pair from their children’s birth country, who besides being an excellent caregiver and friend to them is able to also teach the kids their native language and culture.

If you have adoptive children or are thinking about international adoption Go Au Pair would love to offer a substantial discount to adoptive families of $1,000. It is Go Au Pair‘s  way to land a hand to the families.  To celebrate the International Children’s day , our cluster of Au Pairs  from Go Au Pairs agency are going to volunteer in  Pearl S. Buck International  picnic on June 12t, 2011.

We can’t change the world around, but we may change the world around  live of the one child or even many together.

A fairy-tale story or an Au Pair from Russia.

What happened with me recently looks like a fairy-tale or a movie script with a happy ending, but it is a true story.

Two weeks ago goAUPAIR emailed me that a new Host Family applied for the Au Pair program and asked me to contact the family. I read the family profile and found that a working single mom with three eleven year old daughters is looking for a Russian speaking Au Pair. When I called and introduced myself, I immediately got the feeling that I know this mom. As soon as the mom told me that she wants a Russian Au Pair for her daughters adopted from Russia, I got the picture. Two and a half years ago I volunteered for a Pearl S. Buck International event and there I met this special mom.

At the event I immediately identified her from many families by her special relationship with her daughters – kind, caring and respectful. She told me her story and this woman amazed me by her incredible soul, kind heart and commitment to her children.

I also was surprised by her strong desire to keep a Russian heritage for her daughters. She drove from far away and brought many Russian artifacts that she keeps at home, like “Matreshki” and a lot of Russian food. She spoke a little Russian and even knew several dances and asked me to dance those with children. How could I not remember her?

To my surprise she remembered me too. I was so happy to come to their house and see her and girls again. It is the second time this family came into my life and I hope we will become true friends. Even though we live far away from each other in a huge Philadelphia suburban area, it is a small world after all. Or maybe it is a Holiday blessing that my fate presented to me.

I couldn’t stop thinking about destiny. It seems that these children had bad luck from the beginning, but one day the fortune favored them and blessed these precious girls with the best mom who turned their lives around. She really did.

I was stunned to see their progress and the difference that this woman has made in their lives. These three sisters are very friendly, loving and talented. When I asked the girls what they like to do, I was surprised by the number of activities they were involved in: from riding horses to ice skating. Unfortunately the girls little by little have forgotten the Russian language, so a Russian speaking Au Pair will help.

The family is looking forward to meeting a new member of their family- a Russian speaking Au Pair.

Do you think that it is not a fairy-tale story?

Cookie class with an Au Pair Irina

Many people liked the  Cookie class with an Au Pair Irina , so I decided to make a special page for Irina’s class and many other Au Pair video classes that will follow it.

Sorry and please enjoy the  Cookie class with an Au Pair Irina

Being an Au Pair for goAUPAIR is my best decision!

When I decided to come Au Pair for a year, I did it for the opportunity to come to the U.S, the change to experience different cultures and to travel, but what I got out of this program was so much more!

A year ago I just finished High school and pack my bags to come to America, I saw it as an adventure, a challenge and oh boy a challenge it was. So hey there I’m Karla Endres, a South-African Au Pair who lived with a very special family; The Veale Family. What makes this family so special is the 2 loving parents, the 2 puppies, a few fish and of course the 5 kids who makes this house a home.

With 4 boys and 1 girl this house sure is busy, and with busy I mean exciting and everything but boring. Brooke is the oldest and the only girl. From the first day she made me feel right at home, she made it really easy being her Au Pair. And now I don’t think of myself as her Au Pair anymore, but rather as her sister. The 2 older boys reminded me what it was like being a kid again. Just shooting some hoops, driving with the windows open and singing from the top of your lungs and camping in the back yard while pretending you’re in the wild.

The youngest boys are twins, they are 4 and a half now. They are gorgeous and will steal anyone’s hearts. But that doesn’t mean they are not a hand full. It was a battle getting them dress and ready for school. It was a challenge keeping them happy and calm. And looking for all their missing toys was definitely the biggest searches of my life. But the double smiles and laughs, and the double hugs and kisses makes it worth it. The parents were very welcoming and they truly care about their Au Pairs and will make each new Au Pair feel special and part of the family.

In my year as an Au Pair I got to travel from the east to the west of America. I made three live long friends that I will never forget. We can truly support and help each other and this is what will bond us for live! I also met a lot of other Au Pairs’ from all over the world and learned about their cultures.

goAUPAIR agency was always there when I had any questions or needed help. My cluster group was blessed with a LAR who truly cared and who arranged fun group activities for us. So thank you for all the places you took us to.

So one year later I leave with a lot more knowledge about the world, about myself and about love. The family showed me it’s easier to laugh when you’d rather want to yell, to smile when you feel like crying and to love even when you’re scared of losing!

It’s good to know I will always have a family in America and The Veale Family will always have a place in my heart! I thank them and God for the best year of my life! And of course I would have never made it through this year if it wasn’t for my loving and supporting family back home!

go AU PAIR, a reliable and cost-effective program.

Advantages of Hiring an Au Pair: Trust and Cost-Effective.

Hiring an Au Pair can be a challenging process for a future Host Family. However, the advantages of having an Au Pair in your home far outnumber the advantages of other childcare options.

First of all, you have the opportunity to get to know the Au Pair as a person and build a trust with her.  But you don’t have to worry about checking her background or obtaining references, as the goAUPAIR agency have already done this for you.

Au Pairs are screened, personally interviewed and meet regulatory requirements to qualify for the J1 visa Au Pair program. These regulations include background checks, minimum High School education, minimum hours of childcare experience, verified childcare references and more. All Au Pairs are required to have a minimum number of years of childcare experience, along with CPR and First Aid courses. The Au Pair becomes a valued addition to the  family- equal, trustworthy and loving family member.

Au Pairs provide a reliable and stable child care environment. When parents putting  kids in daycare they really cannot trust who is taking care of their kids. Just because the teachers have their background clearances and CPR certification, doesn’t mean they are reliable and caring. State ratio for most infant rooms is 4 to 1, meaning one teacher can have four kids in her or his care.  So, children aren’t going to get the love and care that they truly deserve because other kids are in need of attention at the same time. In daycare, children are most likely going to get sick a few times per year. Diseases and germs spread around daycare centers, rooms and toys are not properly cleaned and disinfected. Parents are missing their job and  pay or they need to hire somebody to take care about a sick child and pay them money.

Another benefit of hiring an Au Pair is the cost. The popular myth is that only wealthy families can afford Au Pairs. However, Au Pairs can actually be cheaper than daycare or nanny. Having an Au Pair during school holidays, summer breaks, or when parents need to get kids to their after-school activities may also be tremendously helpful and cost effective.

Well-cared and happy children mean a happy family!

go AU PAIR, a reliable and cost-effective program for your live-in child care needs!

An Au Pair, a long lost cousin from another country.

The new Au Pair is coming to the first time Host Family in NJ. It is an exciting moment. The host mom had emailed me several times with her questions and asked me how she can help her new Au Pair, Maria, adjust quickly to her new life, find college classes and make friends.
First three days an Au Par usually spends with other Au Pairs in goAUPAIR’s free workshop in NYC. The workshop includes 32 hours of training on safety and child development and guided tour of New York City.

When an Au Pair gets to her Host Family, everything will be absolutely new for her. She is a very long way from home, where she probably had a very different lifestyle, sleeping cycles, eating patterns, and daily activities. Here, she will have no friends, language difficulties and cultural shock.  She will have to get used to her new place, host family members, lifestyle, culture and food.

My advice would be to give her some time. Be patient. Patience and understanding will help your Au Pair to adjust.  Giving her positive feedback, support, and praise when she gets things right, will also aid in the transition. It is important to treat your Au Pair like a family member, remember and respect her cultural differences. If she feels like a valued family member, she will want to contribute to the family and try hard to do her very best.

In order to assure a smooth transition, it might be helpful to encourage your Au Pair to spend time with host family in her free time, and not to hurry to her room to call, skype or email home. Also, encourage her to make a connections with other Au Pairs, attend Au Pair meetings, get started with college classes and other activities in the States.

I am proud to say that my new host family mentioned that they are going to treat Maria like “a long lost cousin from another country and to make her happy in their family”.

Happy Au Pairs means happy children and happy families!
Go AU PAIR, a great program for your live-in childcare needs!

Thank you to the Au Pair for the love and commitment to the kids and much more…

Dear Au Pair,
In this week of Thanksgiving, here are many reasons –  that the Host Families are thankful for.

Our special Thanks for all your love and commitment to our children.


…for willingness to come into our lives

…for sharing your adventure with us

…for being an essential member and valued addition to our family

…for your hard work to care for the kids

…for your patience and understanding

…for inspiring and teaching kids every moment

…for being a positive role model for the kids

…for opening kids’ eyes to the world outside of the U.S. and helping them to learn a new language

…for giving us an opportunity to relax, have a date and time for ourselves

…for cooking delicious dishes from your country and sharing with us the secrets 🙂

…for willingness to help when we were too timid to ask you

…for  capturing the treasured memories and pictures of our family 🙂

…for unforgettable cultural experience you brought into our home

Thank you for what you have given to our family!

Thank you for being outstanding an Au Pair 🙂

Thank you again, and again, we love you……… and Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Would you also like to say thank your Au Pair for something??  Come join.

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