How Much Should You Pay a Nanny at Bucks County, PA? has a Babysitter Pay Rate Calculator that will calculate the “going rate” for babysitters in your area. I live in  Bucks County, PA. How much should a family with tree kids pay a nanny at Bucks County? According to Babysitter Pay Rate Calculator nanny’s rate at Bucks County for a family with three kids is average of $14 per hour. suggests to keep in mind several factors when deciding how much you’ll pay a babysitter. First of all, number of children – recommends to pay $2 to $5 more an hour for each additional child.  A nanny’s rate also depends on babysitter’s age, location, experience, time of day, kids activities, cooking and driving needs.

The cost of having an Au Pair remains the same, regardless of the number of children you have and many other factors. It will cost about $7.55/hr to host an Au Pair for Go Au Pair’s Host Family in any location.Why is there such a big difference in the cost of a nanny and an Au Pair?

Some nannies are professional childcare workers with substantial childcare experience compared to Au Pairs.  Many Au Pairs are not, but all Au Pairs have had childcare training before they start work as an Au Pair and they all have childcare related work experience working as a teacher, a nanny or a babysitter for their own siblings or children in their native country.

A nanny is considered an employee of the family while an Au Pair is considered a part of the family. Nannies receive a salary for a living,  while Au Pairs receive a stipend – pocket money. Nannies often don’t have medical insurance and they need money to buy it.  All Au Pairs have medical insurance during their work time. Go Au Pair provides medical insurance, which is a requirements for J1 visa participants and it is included in the program fees.

At a cost that is less than a nanny, family could have flexible and reliable childcare, full support of our agency, and a cultural experience. Why should you be paying a nanny? Why pay almost double?

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