The best Au Pair that the family can imagine available

Kim, the outstanding South African Au Pair who lives in Philadelphia, PA. She was nominated to the Au Pair in the Year Award by her host family and became an Au Pair in Excellence. Her host family said,  “Kim truly is the best Au Pair that we can imagine”.

“Kim is an incredible young woman who has won our hearts and become an integral member of our family over the past year.”

Kim said, “I have been experiencing the American culture and caring for two amazing little kids Arya (age 3) and Arthur (age 1) for the past year a half. I arrived whilst Arthur was still “baking in the oven” and not yet born and have had the privilege of seeing him grow and experience many different and wonderful growing phases with him. I have always had a love for children and knew that I wanted to experience something life changing with them. I became “mommy’s little helper” at a very young age when my younger siblings were born, and learnt a lot about childcare through them. I became a babysitter for many family friends and friends of friends and volunteered at a nursery school prior to coming to the States.Au Pair s. Africa Kim

I (and many of my friends and family who know me) would describe me as fun-loving creative, spontaneous, open and responsible and am a big advocate for hands-on play, definitely not afraid to get down on my knees.I have my South African driver’s license and an American learners license, I have experience in driving as I was responsible for driving Arya to school and back. I love the outdoors and most of my hobbies would include being outdoors and staying active. I am well-educated and fluent in English, I see myself as academic and love putting my brain to work whether it be solving something hard or giving a helping hand (or in this case, a helping brain) with kids homework. I love new challenges as they are big part of learning.


2015 Au Pair Of the Year!

Every year the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) presents the Au Pair of the Year Award to one outstanding Au Pair. This award is based on many nominations from Host Families around the world!

Au Pair of the Year Award 2015

German au pair Lena Halberstadt was named Au Pair of the Year 2015 by (IAPA) today.  Lena is an Au Pair from AuPairCare and her host family, the Rasmussen family, from Northville, MI, said that Lena,”has been a positive ray of sunshine. At just 18, she is ridiculously mature. Five kids with very different personalities and a large age gap is no easy assignment yet Lena accomplishes it with ease.”Lena  2015

From 59 nomination essays, IAPA has selected three 2015 Au Pair of the Year finalists. One of the three finalists is Au Pair from Go Au Pair agency, Terri Abbott.  Terry is 27-year-old and she is from South Africa.Best S. African Au Pair 2015 Terri

Go Au Pair Au Pairs been internationally recognized through IAPA award many times in the past, and this year the Au Pair from the Go Au Pair agency been chosen as a finalist as well. 

Terri was nominated by the Sherr family from Peyton, CO. Her host family says,In addition to being an invaluable asset to our family, Terri is very outgoing….She has vigor for life and adventure like no one I have ever met. This love for life and exploration has overflowed into my boys. They see her fearlessly taking on new experiences and can see her genuine enthusiasm as she does it. She has fun! She is an incredible role model and terrific big ‘sister’.“ 

The third finalist is 19-year-old Au Pair Maja Grüttner from Sweden, who was nominated by the Harris family, UK.maja_sq

According to IAPA, “The Au Pair of the Year Award provides au pairs the recognition and credit they deserve and enhances the public’s awareness of this wonderful cultural exchange programme and the mutual benefit au pairs and families get from it.”

Congratulations to Terri, Maja and all excellent Au Pairs who were nominated by their families for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award and 2015 winner, German au pair Lena Halberstadt!

Go Au Pair in Philadelphia and NJ.

Why choose Go Au Pair over other au pair agencies in Philadelphia and NJ area?

First of all, Go Au Pair agency has excellent Au Pair candidates.

Let me start by sharing a story about an Au Pair from Philadelphia and NJ cluster who saved a baby from a distracted driver which demonstrates how committed our Au Pairs are.

Recently Sharon Lizcano Tellez, an Au Pair from Colombia, performed a truly heroic act- saved the life of an 8-month-old she has been caring for. Realizing that the accident was unavoidable, Sharon protected the baby by shifting her body and absorbing the impact of the crash to her left side, away from the child. Read more

Au Pairs from Go Au Pair in the Philadelphia and NJ area have been recognized through special awards many times.  This year Go Au Pair agency nominated the Au Pair  from China Ying Song  from Philadelphia for the “Au Pair in Excellence Award ″.

Second, Au Pairs from Go Au Pair do a lot volunteering for the community. Au Pairs from Philadelphia, Bucks County and close NJ constantly volunteer for adoption places.

Third, Au Pairs have a lot of interesting activities .  Last week eight Au Pairs and one host family from Go Au Pair”s cluster met for an International Pot-Luck Dinner in Bucks County, PA.  Fourth, Host Families and Au Pairs from Go Au Pair from Philadelphia and NJ cluster have a constant support from me, their Local  Area Representative, and Go Au Pair agency.

Host families from my cluster wrote several reviews about high quality services I provide  “I personally had very good experience with Go Au Pair local area representative for this area ( Philadelphia , NJ). Read Go Au Pair Host Family testimonials.

Come join us!  Welcome to our world!


The Au Pair of the Year Award 2012 to one outstanding Au Pair.

Every year, the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) presents the Au Pair of the Year Award to one outstanding Au Pair. The recipient of this prestigious award is determined by an essay nomination provided by Host Families from around the world. 

Go Au Pair has started to collect such essays from Host Families for IAPA’s 9th Annual Au Pair of the Year Award.


1. The nomination is an essay written by you, the Host Family, describing the characteristics that make your Au Pair exceptional (see tips below). The essay should be from 500 to 850 words (about 1 page single spaced) and written in English
2. Entries must be returned to Go Au Pair no later than December 31, 2011. Only emailed submissions will be accepted. Please email your submission with all related documents and any questions to
3. The Au Pair being nominated for the award is or was an Au Pair during the year of 2011.
4. Photos are also required and videos are strongly recommended.
5. All entries MUST be accompanied by a signed media release by the Host Family and Au Pair.

Read the additional information.

The eighth IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award will be presented during the IAPA Annual Conference and Work Experience Travel Market which will take place in Budapest, Hungary, March, 2012. The winning Au Pair will receive an all expenses paid trip to attend the Association’s 17th Annual Conference where he/she will be presented with a token prize and commemorative award.

Last year three families from my cluster nominated their Au Pairs for the “Au Pair of the Year Award 2011″. Thanks so much to Host Families who submitted nominations last year!

Congratulations again to the South African Au Pair Karla, Colombian Au Pair Laura, and Russian Au Pair Irina who were nominated last year. It is a great achievement that you can be proud of and remember for years to come!

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