Feel secure with an Au Pair.

An Au Pair provides a reliable and stable child care environment and brings flexibility and convenience of live-in provider to the family.

An Au Pair will provide flexible in-home care and personalized child supervision. Host family can arrange  her weekly working hours to fit the family’s needs.

Parents  feel secure with the Au Pair.  Snow days or sick days are no longer a problem.  No needs to get up early to get kids ready to go to daycare and rush back home if parents are late from work. Parents can go out together.

When parents put kids in daycare they really cannot trust who is taking care of their kids. Children aren’t going to get the love and care that they truly deserve because other kids are in need of attention at the same time.

An Au Pair is young and motivated, she is able to stimulate an active play, likes going out and running with the kids and doing creative stuff. The children are able to spend all day in a safe, secure and loving environment with someone who has become a member of their family.

In daycare, children are most likely going to get sick a few times per year. Diseases and germs spread around daycare centers, rooms and toys are not properly cleaned and disinfected.

Choosing an Au Pair provides the family with secure and flexible live-in childcare. Instead of sending children away to impersonal daycare centers that charge separately for each child, children stay in the comfort of their own home with a qualified, caring Au Pair who provides a personal touch and gives them the personal attention that they need.

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