Meet the Au Pair from Germany Cosima.

Cosima joined our Go Au Pair cluster recently. She is very mature for being 19 and adjusted to the Au Pair life in America very fast. Cosima started driving next day after her arriving and already made many friends. Cosima is very active, she explored many places in Bucks County where she lives, Cosima even enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Philadelphia with other Au Pairs.


Cosima will be a Buddy for a new Au Pair from South Africa – Rikie.  They are both 19 years old, love sport and live in Doylestown. Cosima is very excited to be Buddies with Rikie.

Au Pair from Germany 5

Meet the German Au Pair Cosima. Here are three adjectives that best describe her:  strong-minded, reliable, and calm.Au Pair from Germany 1

I’m Cosi from Germany, 19 years old, living in a lovely German-American Family with 3 kids in Doylestown.Au Pair from Bucks County

I came to the US to work with kids and to explore the country and culture.I love to play soccer and tennis or go to the gym.

Au Pair from Germany2

Besides sports, I like to be with friends and family.

Aupair from Bucks CountyHere in the US I would like to meet other people, especially during the weekend, to join me in visiting some events or other cities like NY or Washington D.C.

Au Pair from  Bucks County

or just to have fun together.

Au Pair from Germany3

What was the best event/happening during last month?
It was my arrival at the Philadelphia airport, where my whole host family picked me up with some sheets of paper the kids made for me.

Thank you for offering help to Rikie!

Raising bilingual kids with an Au Pair.

Most kids in the world today learn two or three languages. Many American parents realize the benefit of bilingualism and introduce their kids to another language as early as possible, either by speaking one at home or having another language spoken by a childcare provider.

This is why many parents today consider hiring an Au Pair. With an Au Pair children can learn a new language for free with a native speaker. Au Pair is a great language tutor since she is with children on a daily basis.

Au Pairs are recruited from over 50 countries and can be selected to match host parents language preference. In my cluster in Philadelphia I have/had Au Pairs from Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, China, South Africa, Australia, and Sweden.

There are many reasons why parents should raise the kids bilingual, for example

Kids  will be more flexible in their thinking

Kids will have better career opportunities

Kids will be more open-minded and tolerant

Kids will acquire additional languages more easily

Kids will be able to communicate with a broader range of people

Please read more about Top 5 Reasons to Raise Your Kids Bilingual

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