Hey Guys, I am Zuly, Au Pair from Colombia. It’s so exciting to welcome a new member of our cluster: Au Pair Zuley from El Salvador! She is 24 years old and joined a host family with three kids in Abington Pennsylvania a few days ago. In addition, Zuley’s host mom is a former Au Pair, YAAAAAA! That makes it even more exciting!

Zuley was able to answer some questions about what she hopes will be an amazing adventure as an Au Pair in the US. She is very excited to make new friends in our wonderful cluster. Zuley also says, “I want to be an Au Pair because I would like to improve my English, learn another languages for my career and I think is the perfect job for me because I love childrens.

Her hobbies are listening to music, watching series or movies on Netflix, cookings and swimming.

Zuley had a party with her family last month and they ate together roast beef and cheesecake, sang in karaoke, and talked.

We asked Zuley about three adjectives that best describe her and she said: Respectful, Friendly, and Patient. Also we asked Zuley If she had one wish what would it be, and her answer was, ” Honestly, I would like to have a beautiful big house where my mother and my brother can live, finish my career and travel to different countries”.

Her favorite way to spend a Saturday is stay home with her family and little dog, watching Netflix and eating food, later go to the mall or a nice place. Also she wanna visit many places but specially Orlando (Disney, universal studios) Malibu, Alaska, Canada and Italia.

Thank you Zuley for your time and your responses!!!!! Welcome to this amazing and unique cluster! We look forward to meeting and getting to know you!! 🙂

We are delighted to welcome Au Pair Mary from China to the Philadelphia and Bucks County cluster.

We are very delighted to welcome new Au Pair Mary from China as a new member of the Philadelphia and Bucks County cluster with Go Au Pair. Mary joined us just two weeks ago. The second year Au Pair from China Jasmine will help Mary to adjust to her new life in the US quickly. Thank you, Jasmine, for your kind offer.

Mary decided to be an Au Pair because she loves kids, wants to experience American culture and improve her English.

Mary likes making crafts, dancing, listening to music and reading the books. We asked Mary a few questions: What three adjectives best describe you? Determined, patient and responsible.

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? On Saturdays I like to read books, listen music and shopping.

What are two things that you consider yourself to be very good at? I’m very good at craft and handmade.

Mary already attended her first meeting and met many Au Pairs from Go Au Pair cluster. She had fun experience of watching a Glass Blowing Demo in Jim Loewer’s studio and got a unique piece of glass art. This gift will remind Mary about her first Au Pair meeting and that unique experience for a long time.

Welcome to the cluster, Mary!

The family for ten Au Pairs

Many families from the Philadelphia and Bucks County Cluster of Go Au Pair have a great experience with the Au Pair program. The Veale family nominated their Au Pairs for the Au Pair of the year Award.  They had nine female Au Pairs and last year the family invited male Au Pair from Brazil Lucas.au-pair-farewell-picnic-independence-national-historical-park-lucas

The Veale family hosted ten au pairs with Go Au Pair during ten years. The Veale family has five kids and they also open their hearts  for ten Au Pairs from around the world. Many Au Pairs became part of their family.  The former Au Pairs still visit the family. This summer the Veale family and their new Au Pair made a trip to Germany to visit their former Au Pair Valerie from Germany.

Please read a post from the former Au Pair Karla. ” I am Karla Endres, a South African Au Pair who lived with a very special family; The Veale Family. What makes this family so special is the 2 loving parents, the 2 puppies, a few fish and of course the 5 kids who makes this house a home.The parents were very welcoming and they truly care about their Au Pairs and will make each new Au Pair feel special and part of the family…..

In my year as an Au Pair I got to travel from the east to the west of America. I made three live long friends that I will never forget. We can truly support and help each other and this is what will bond us for live! I also met a lot of other Au Pairs’ from all over the world and learned about their cultures.

Go Au Pair agency was always there when I had any questions or needed help. My cluster group was blessed with a Local Area Representative (LAR) who truly cared and who arranged fun group activities for us. So thank you for all the places you took us to.

So one year later I leave with a lot more knowledge about the world, about myself and about love. The family showed me it’s easier to laugh when you’d rather want to yell, to smile when you feel like crying and to love even when you’re scared of losing!

It’s good to know I will always have a family in America and The Veale Family will always have a place in my heart!

Welcome Alina in the cluster!

Alina, 22 year old Au Pair from China, will join the Philadelphia and Bucks County Go Au Pair cluster this month. Enjoy reading about Alina Jiang! 

She wants to have some different experiences and likes to do something new and out of the ordinary. That’s why she wanted to be an au pair. She looks forward to making friends from different countries. She likes spending her Saturday with friends. They can cook different kind of food and round together to chat. She really enjoys it.

She also really likes to stay with the children – they are very innocent, creative and make her happy.Being an au pair is a good way to study different way of education. It can help her to be a good mother in the future. She thinks that’s another reason to join this program.

She is an easy-going and well-disposed person. She likes cooking. swimming and drawing on her free time. Actually, there are many things I wants to try: hiking, riding bikes ,camping, kayaking , white water rafting , rock climbing. She would like to make a list and start checking it off everytime she does something she likes. She hopes, she can travel around  America.

I hope, that Alina will like here! Our cluster is amazing! ♥

A Colombian Au Pair learned from kids to believe in your dreams.

Monica is a 27-year-old Au Pair from Colombia. She is very mature and responsible. Colombian Au Pairs are known as warm, happy, and smiley and Monica is one of the best examples of that. Monica possesses a warm and engaging personality. She is very kind and welcoming, she is always first to welcome a new Au Pair on Facebook and offer a piece of advice. Au Pair from Colombia Monica

She has prepared for the Au Pair program very well and adjusted to her Au Pair life in the US and her host family quite easily. She built very good relationships with her host family and her host child adores her. After living with her host family only one month, her parents said that they feel that she has been living in their house for many years. They already extended the contract with Monica for another year.Au Pair Philadelphia Monica

Monica is very active and likes to try new things and enjoy novel experiences. Recently, Monica and her friend Au Pair from Mexico Annie became Color Runners and completed 5K the race with “Run or Dye” .  Au Pairs Run or Dye

Monica said that she likes to take care of children because they are spontaneous and innocent, and they are always teaching her new things. She also said that she learned from kids to believe in your dreams.


Monica is a physician, she is highly educated and intelligent. In her  free time, she is studying for tests to her future career – being a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon. Monica is working hard in every way to make her dreams become a reality.

MonicaOne of her dreams, to become an Au Pair and come to the US, has already come true. Monica is following her dreams and does not give them up. She said that becoming an Au Pair is the best decision she has ever made. Monica accomplished a lot in a short time. She took a lot of classes, became an integral member of an American family,  made many new friends, explored the US…. and this is only the beginning.follow

You have a great future ahead, believe in your dreams, Monica! May all your dreams come true!

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