Activities you can do with your host children

Fall has officially started and we have to be ready for the cold weather! Fall is the season that most of the leaves change their colors and then fall, this is the season prior to see the snow! you can make a leaf pile and play with your host children outside. Lets see some activities you can in this incredible season!!!

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Nature walk

Nature walk can be done at any park with a lot of trees, so you can go with your children and have fun collecting leaves of different colors and sizes, at the same time you can explore new places with them! Its recommended to do it in the middle of fall, either at the end of October or at the beginning of November.That sounds good!

Draw in the side walk chalk


Since the weather is getting cooler and cooler draw in the sidewalk is a good idea to spend time with your host kids! lets try it, that would be awesome!

Take them to story time to your local library!

There are many libraries that in fall schedule story time for children, so you can go with them and the librarian reads books and they also do some crafts! I am completely sure your kids will be happy attending to the story time with you!

Write letters to their love ones (walk to the post office)

Most of the kids have cousins and they love to write letters, so it is also a great idea to help them write some letters and walk to the post office with them to send the letters!!

As you can see in fall you can do many activities with your host kids!!






2 AM Flood Warning in Philly

Ophelia’s Diary.

I just spent a very special night with my host family. Our building was attacked by flood at 2am in the morning! This is the most special night for me since I have been an Au Pair in Philadelphia.

Au Pair flood 0

It has been raining a lot recently. We live just nearby the river. Around 2am when everyone was in dreaming, the alarm was turned on suddenly! Then I heard my host kid was crying.

photo 5

I was wondering what happened, my host family knocked my door, we got out of the building quickly. Then we saw what just happened, endless water was surrounding us.

Au Pair flood 2

We waited outside until 3am, everything seemed ok, it started raining again. We are lucky nothing serious really happened. This emergency warning makes me appreciate my wonderful Au Pair life here even more. Thankfully I can still sit here tell you what’s going on.

photo 1

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Being an Au Pair for goAUPAIR is my best decision!

When I decided to come Au Pair for a year, I did it for the opportunity to come to the U.S, the change to experience different cultures and to travel, but what I got out of this program was so much more!

A year ago I just finished High school and pack my bags to come to America, I saw it as an adventure, a challenge and oh boy a challenge it was. So hey there I’m Karla Endres, a South-African Au Pair who lived with a very special family; The Veale Family. What makes this family so special is the 2 loving parents, the 2 puppies, a few fish and of course the 5 kids who makes this house a home.

With 4 boys and 1 girl this house sure is busy, and with busy I mean exciting and everything but boring. Brooke is the oldest and the only girl. From the first day she made me feel right at home, she made it really easy being her Au Pair. And now I don’t think of myself as her Au Pair anymore, but rather as her sister. The 2 older boys reminded me what it was like being a kid again. Just shooting some hoops, driving with the windows open and singing from the top of your lungs and camping in the back yard while pretending you’re in the wild.

The youngest boys are twins, they are 4 and a half now. They are gorgeous and will steal anyone’s hearts. But that doesn’t mean they are not a hand full. It was a battle getting them dress and ready for school. It was a challenge keeping them happy and calm. And looking for all their missing toys was definitely the biggest searches of my life. But the double smiles and laughs, and the double hugs and kisses makes it worth it. The parents were very welcoming and they truly care about their Au Pairs and will make each new Au Pair feel special and part of the family.

In my year as an Au Pair I got to travel from the east to the west of America. I made three live long friends that I will never forget. We can truly support and help each other and this is what will bond us for live! I also met a lot of other Au Pairs’ from all over the world and learned about their cultures.

goAUPAIR agency was always there when I had any questions or needed help. My cluster group was blessed with a LAR who truly cared and who arranged fun group activities for us. So thank you for all the places you took us to.

So one year later I leave with a lot more knowledge about the world, about myself and about love. The family showed me it’s easier to laugh when you’d rather want to yell, to smile when you feel like crying and to love even when you’re scared of losing!

It’s good to know I will always have a family in America and The Veale Family will always have a place in my heart! I thank them and God for the best year of my life! And of course I would have never made it through this year if it wasn’t for my loving and supporting family back home!

go AU PAIR, a reliable and cost-effective program.

Advantages of Hiring an Au Pair: Trust and Cost-Effective.

Hiring an Au Pair can be a challenging process for a future Host Family. However, the advantages of having an Au Pair in your home far outnumber the advantages of other childcare options.

First of all, you have the opportunity to get to know the Au Pair as a person and build a trust with her.  But you don’t have to worry about checking her background or obtaining references, as the goAUPAIR agency have already done this for you.

Au Pairs are screened, personally interviewed and meet regulatory requirements to qualify for the J1 visa Au Pair program. These regulations include background checks, minimum High School education, minimum hours of childcare experience, verified childcare references and more. All Au Pairs are required to have a minimum number of years of childcare experience, along with CPR and First Aid courses. The Au Pair becomes a valued addition to the  family- equal, trustworthy and loving family member.

Au Pairs provide a reliable and stable child care environment. When parents putting  kids in daycare they really cannot trust who is taking care of their kids. Just because the teachers have their background clearances and CPR certification, doesn’t mean they are reliable and caring. State ratio for most infant rooms is 4 to 1, meaning one teacher can have four kids in her or his care.  So, children aren’t going to get the love and care that they truly deserve because other kids are in need of attention at the same time. In daycare, children are most likely going to get sick a few times per year. Diseases and germs spread around daycare centers, rooms and toys are not properly cleaned and disinfected. Parents are missing their job and  pay or they need to hire somebody to take care about a sick child and pay them money.

Another benefit of hiring an Au Pair is the cost. The popular myth is that only wealthy families can afford Au Pairs. However, Au Pairs can actually be cheaper than daycare or nanny. Having an Au Pair during school holidays, summer breaks, or when parents need to get kids to their after-school activities may also be tremendously helpful and cost effective.

Well-cared and happy children mean a happy family!

go AU PAIR, a reliable and cost-effective program for your live-in child care needs!

Happy Thanksgiving Host Families, Au Pairs and everyone!

I love Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday.  People travel thousands of miles to be with their family. It is time to say thank you for good things that we are grateful for.

Most of All

Thanksgiving Day brings to mind
the blessings in our lives
that usually go unnoticed:
a home that surrounds us
with comfort and protection;
delicious food, for pleasure
in both eating and sharing;
clothes to snuggle up in,
books and good entertainment
to expand our minds;
and freedom to worship our God.
Most of all we are thankful
for our family and friends,
those treasured people
who make our lives extra special.
You are part of that cherished group.
On Thanksgiving, (and every day)
we appreciate you.

By Joanna Fuchs

Happy Thanksgiving Host Families, Au Pairs , my family,  friends and everyone!

Thank you for being all year through here for me and  make my live extra special.

Host families and Au Pairs, thank you for coming to a Family Day Conference!

Two times a year goAUPAIR’s Families and Au Pairs come together for a  Family Day Conference. This is a great opportunity to meet other Host Families and Au Pairs and have fun together. This Family Day Conference at Peddler’s Village in New Hope, PA  was a very special  time for everyone.

Here is my report for those who couldn’t attend it.

We met at Giggleberry Fair family entertainment center. This is a great place for the whole family with a lot of things to keep children busy.  While children had fun going through as many activities as they could, we had a lot of interesting conversation between families and Au Pairs.  After lunch at the Painted Pony Café we enjoyed the beauty of  Peddler’s Village. The weather was very special, sunny and warm.

There was the 32nd Annual Scarecrow Competition & Display at Peddler’s Village with more than 100 colorful scarecrow designs.  We were surprised with the creativity of all of the participants.

We found the scarecrows “not scary”, but mostly sweet and friendly creations of what I would call “community arts”.

We really enjoyed our Family Day Conference!

Thank you for coming and I look forward to seeing you all in 2011 Philadelphia Book Festival on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway next year!

See you there!

No doubt that nanny cost has almost doubled. Lets talk about childcare cost.

What should I be paying my nanny?

Yesterday I came across this link on Craigslist  “What should I be paying my nanny?” It said,

“This is a rough guideline of what you should be paying your nanny, based on the age of your nanny and how many children they care for.

17-19 (in high school)   $10/hr for one child + $1/hr for every additional child

20-22 (in college)   $12/hr for one child + $2/hr for every additional child

23+ (college graduate) $14/hr for one child + $2/hr for every additional child

This means, if you have two children being taken care of by a college aged nanny, you should be paying them $14/hr,”

and if you have three or more – $16/hr +.   Nannies wages vary by the location, and could be much more than that.

The cost of an Au Pair is only $7.58 per hour or $341 for 45 hours of childcare a week regardless of how many children you have or your location.  This amount comes from the Au Pair’s stipend and agency program fees.

goAUPAIR currently has over 300 Au Pairs available.  All Au Pairs are screened, personally interviewed and meet regulatory requirements to qualify for the J1 visa Au Pair program. These regulations include background checks, minimum High School education, minimum hours of childcare experience, verified childcare references and more.  As a fact, 81% of our Available Au Pairs are over 21-years-old, 65% have completed some college or are college graduates and 42% have prior tutoring or teaching experience.  Au Pairs usually take care of two or three children.

No doubt that nanny cost has almost doubled.

But, why is there such a big difference in the cost of a nanny and a Au Pair?

Some nannies are professional childcare workers with substantial childcare experience compared to Au Pairs.  Many Au Pairs are not, but all Au Pairs have had childcare training before they start work as an Au Pair and they all have childcare related work experience working as a tutor, a nanny or a babysitter for their own siblings or children in their native country.

A nanny is considered an employee of the family while an Au Pair is considered a part of the family. Nannies receive a salary for a living,  while Au Pairs receive a stipend – pocket money.

Nannies often don’t have medical insurance. All Au Pairs have medical insurance during their work time. goAUPAIR provides medical insurance, which is a requirements for J1 visa participants and  includes in the program fees.

Why should you be paying a nanny? Why pay double?

At a cost that is less than a nanny, you could have flexible hours of childcare, full support of our agency, and a cultural and rewarding experience for your whole family.

Available for a limited time only, for even LESS goAUPAIR has a $700 savings off the program fee that includes a special discount only for Host Families from the Philadelphia area.  Please email me if you would like more details on the Au Pair program and save money.

Good News! Discount offered for Philadelphia and NJ area only! Affordable Childcare in Your Own Home!

We get what we pay for. Right? Nobody wants to sacrifice the quality of the service for the price. Especially, when it comes to the quality of the care of our priceless children.

The Au Pair program offers 45 flexible hours of in home childcare a week for $353 no mater how many children you have.

How could we find a great service for our money?

Look around.  Do your research and read as many reviews as you can. For example, this one “goAUPAIR Extends Business Hours” from Au Pair Clearing House, the independent National Consumer Website for Host Parents “Giving their Host Families and Au Pairs the best customer service possible, makes goAUPAIR one of the leaders in customer service among Au Pair Agencies.”

goAUPAIR  is one of the original six Au Pair agencies designated by the U.S. Department of State. Why Choose goAUPAIR as Your Au Pair Agency?

goAUPAIR agency has the largest pool of qualified Au Pairs around the world and many of qualified candidates in the USA who are ready for immediate placement.

Hosting an Au Pair is considerably less expensive than other childcare options.  The average cost of hosting an Au Pair is about $353 per week, or just a little over $7.75 an hour. This cost comes from the Au Pair’s stipend and agency program fees. At a cost of $353 per week, that is still less than most Au Pair Agencies offer while you are still getting dedicated and flexible childcare with personal and quality customer service from our agency and dedicated Local Area Representatives.

Our Flexible Choice Program offers families a variety of payment options, allowing the program to be more accessible and affordable to all host families, including a customized payment plan.

We hope that we get what we pay for.  But do we always get what we pay for?

goAUPAIR offers outstanding service and many discounts for both new and repeat host families.

Right now the special discount is being offered only for Philadelphia and NJ area!

Please email me if you would like more details on the Au Pair program and how you can save $700.

Your call is very important to us!

Many agencies advertise that they are a leading agency but how does that transfer to be beneficial for the customer?

It reminds me a huge store with hundreds of products with no one there to help me find the right one and to answer the questions I have. They are too busy making a profit.

Or speaking with the answering machine every time I call. “Your call is very important to us!” Really?

I personally like a medium size store with a selection of quality products at the decent price and friendly customer service that is always there and ready to help. Poor customer service means that the company doesn’t respect the customers. Who doesn’t want to be treated well?

My new Au Pair – Viviana, who recently came with “the Au Pair again program” said that she left the “leading” Au Pair Agency because she did not feel that she got personal attention.  Her counselor, who had about 25-30 Au Pairs, didn’t even know her name at the end of her first year in the USA.

The first time I contacted Viviana she was in Colombia. I sent her an email with our scheduled meetings, the Au Pairs cluster list and the listing of her education options before she came to the USA. When she arrived, I sent her email address to all my Au Pairs and they welcomed her warmly. She made friends the first week she came to the USA. Viviana we love you!

goAUPAIR is a medium size Au Pair agency, not a leading agency, but goAUPAIR is committed to providing families with high quality and affordable childcare as well as excellent customer service. goAUPAIR  has been providing Host Families with affordable childcare more than 20 years.  Au Pairs from our agency have been internationally recognized in 2009, 2005 and 2004. Why Choose goAUPAIR as Your Au Pair Agency?

We are not the biggest agency in the field, but we are proud to have hundreds of satisfied families who appreciate a high quality service the goAUPAIR’s team provides. You can read the comments of our host families on company’s testimonial page. “We stay with goAUPAIR because of the personality testing that they provide …”

Please email me  if you would like more details on the Au Pair program or call us (888) 287 2471.

goAUPAIR staff are always waiting for your call and would like to talk to you because your call is very important to us!

We’ll definitely be back.

goAUPAIR believes that activities can often make the difference between a good experience for the Au Pairs or a bad one. Good experiences mean happy Au Pairs, and happy Au Pairs can mean happier host families! We had many activities this year and our favorite activities  were a Holiday Light Show at Shady Brook Farm, The Philadelphia Flower Show and a meeting at the Grounds for Sculpture.

Our meeting at the Grounds for Sculpture was especially enjoyable. Dining at the Rat’s Restaurant was the perfect way to begin our visit to the Grounds For Sculpture. This French restaurant offers a magical and unforgettable atmosphere for dining.  We loved the delicious food that was cooked by a team led by the executive chef at Rat’s Restaurant who was named the winner of season 7 “Top Chef: D.C.” the same week airing on the Bravo TV channel.

Most of all we enjoyed the company of each other. The round table somehow represented a world globe, Au Pairs from different countries. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know each other.

During the yummy Lunch in the French restaurant each Au Pair shared her past story, current experience and dreams for the future. There were Questions and Answers, Laugh and Smiles, Warm Words and Best Wishes, Encouragement and Support, Excitement and Happiness. Sorry Rat’s, if we were too loud!

Then we explored the park, which is full of sculpture and landscaping involving water and trees. This unique place combines the beauty of art and nature. The park is amazing, very peaceful even with hundreds of people there. The weather was perfect. We had a lot of fun at the park and took many pictures. It was a perfect place to create lifelong memories.

Thanks to goAUPAIR for a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better and make friends at Rat’s Restaurant. See you next time at Peddler’s Village in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

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