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Go Au Pair agency has many in country Au Pairs who are currently living with the Host Families and are looking to extend with a new family. There are two types of in country Au Pairs – Transition and Extension. Friendship has wings

First time Host Families often ask me which Au Pair will be better for their family: an Extension transfer Au Pair (in the country second year Au Pair) or a new one?

Extending Au Pairs are those who successfully completed a year with another host family. They are already residing within the US and have their J1 visa. They need to apply for an extension of the Form DS-2019, but it is simple. New Au Pairs depend on their J1 visa approval, so there are more chances that an extending Au Pair will be at the time the family needs her.Au Pair Bucks county

Extension transfer Au Pairs are typically available to start with a new family in a few months and are available for placements lasting 12, 9 or 6 months. You can read more about Extension Au Pairs.Aupair childcare

An extension Au Pair, or the second year Au Pair,  don’t need nearly as much time to adjust as a new Au Pair,  has a social security number, a bank account, and  has experience of living in the US. An extension Au Pair is usually more experienced, considered, adopted and conformed to the Au Pair program.au pairs love kids

 Another benefit of an extension Au Pair is that a host family can speak with her Local Area Representative. The host family can also speak with an Au Pair’s host family in the US. The family may have an additional reference and compare own needs and parenting styles. Also, if the family needs a driver, there are a lot of extending Au Pairs who have been driving in the US.Au pair bucks county

Sometimes the family can interview their prospective Au Pair in person or can be lucky to find an Au Pair who is  an Au Pair in excellence.

There are many factors to consider.  You can read the discussion “Would you recommend an Extension Au Pair or a new au pair” from AUPAIRMOM blog.

In country Au Pairs – Transition and Extension.

In country Au Pairs are currently residing within the United States and working as an Au Pair for an American Host Family. Go Au Pair agency has many Au Pairs who are currently in a rematch and are looking for a new family. 

Au Pair Bucks County

There are two types of in country Au Pairs:
Transition Au Pairs, who are ending their current placement early and are looking to rematch with a new family. They are typically available to start with a new family in two weeks or less.
Extension transfer Au Pairs has been working  in America almost a year, and wishing to continue with another family. They are available in a few months for another placement. Extension Au Pairs are about to successfully complete a year with another host family and will be a second year Au Pairs in America.
Extension Au Pairs wish to transfer to a new family and usually to another part of the US after completing their first placement.  

Transition Au Pairs are normally available sooner than extension Au Pairs. You can read more about the difference between Transition and Extension Au Pairs.

Au Pair

There is a lot of information to learn about the Au Pair program, please read Understanding the Au Pair Industry and its Acronyms.

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