Weekend Au Pairs classes

The Au Pairs should complete six semester hours (12 for educare program), or the equivalent 72 hours (144 for educare program) in class. An Au Pair may complete any course she/he wishes; it does not have to be an English language class.  Those Au Pairs wanting to extend must complete their educational requirement by their 10th month. Between the semesters the Au Pairs still can take the weekend classes.Au Pair classesHere are Colleges that have weekend classes for Au Pairs

Silver Bay Au Pair course 

lIU weekend classes

University of the Virgin Islands

Au Pairs can attend classes in Pierce College and then participate in a Cultural Hi-Ways tour to the destination they are studying.

Au Pairs class. Please, plan ahead, speak with your host family and apply with local college or take weekend classes. Good luck with your studying!

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