Volunteering for a cause and cultural exchange.

People volunteer for a variety of reasons, often because they want to help others and give something back to the community. They receive some benefits for themselves from volunteering as well.

I think that volunteering is not only an exchange of services, but also, an opportunity to interact with a group of people from around the world. It is a part of the cultural exchange and the goal of the Au Pair program.


A group of the Au Pairs from Go Au Pair is going to volunteer at the Philadelphia Marathon and help raise funds for the American Cancer Society. There is a huge cultural diversity in the Au Pair volunteering team: Brazilian Au PairsChinese Au PairsColombian Au PairsSalvadorian Au Pairs,  Ecuadorian Au PairsGerman  Au Pairs, Panamanian Au PairsSouth African Au PairsMexican Au PairsFrench Au Pairs, Spain Au Pairs,and Cameroonian Au Pair.

volunteering with Au Pair

The international exchange is one of the many benefits of the Au Pair program. It gives Au Pairs a chance to meet other people and learn from people with diverse life experiences.

volunteering Philadelphia Marathon

Volunteering is  a special opportunity. It may be a life changing experience for the Au Pairs,  and many of them may become ambassadors. The Au Pairs will return back home, share with others and spread their experience of volunteering for the cause  all over the globe.Au Pairs countries

Go Au Pair agency helps their Au Pairs have the best cultural exchange experience during the Au Pair program. Check the Au Pairs activities and read the Go Au Pair agency blog.

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