Going Bowling for Fernanda’s Farewell Party

Ophelia’s Diary.

The best moment is having new Au Pairs  join us, the saddest moment is having close Au Pairs leaving us. On September 29th, Sunday afternoon, eight Au Pairs came to Fernanda’s Farewell Party. Fernanda is an Au Pair from Brazil, and she is going home next week.


We created a special T-shirt for Fernanda, that was a sweet moment for all of us. We are Au Pairs from different countries -Spain, El Salvador, Ecuador, China and Germany.

We wrote blessing words for Fernanda in Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian and English.IMG_20130929_165135

Then we went bowling together. For me and some other Au Pairs this was our first time bowling. Au Pair program gives us a lot of chances to explore variety new interesting things. We appreciate it a lot. Even thought this was my first time bowling, I knocked down all ten pins! I was so excited about it.

Everyone had a great time at Fernanda’s farewell party. We will miss her so much. Good luck Fernanda, we love you forever!  Also, wish new Au Pair Sandra has a great time in here with us!

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A Mexican Au Pair can change the host family’s life.

Bringing a Mexican Au Pair is an amazing way to introduce the kids to the rich culture of our neighboring country Mexico.
The Au Pair from Mexico, Victoria Perez, who now lives in New Jersey,  thinks that a Mexican Au Pair can change the host family’s life forever!  Read what Victoria says about her beautiful native country Mexico.Au Pair from Mexico
Mexico is a great country, full of beautiful landscapes, traditions and, of course, people! The diversity of lifestyles are unbelievable and every spot of the country has its own unique flavor. I come from the northern part of Mexico but have lived in the central part and the southeastern part of the country: they are all authentic.
Au Pair from Mexico I am so proud of my country and miss every part of it, terribly! The food is AMAZING -no one can lie about that- and traditions, education and most important, family are crucial in a Mexican’s life.
Chilaquiles, quesadillas, ways of celebrating Mexico’s Independence Day, Día del Niño (day of the children), our gorgeous Spanish language, piñatas, tamales, REAL TACOS… Never ending new experiences…
I can assure you, bringing a Mexican Au Pair can change your life forever!aupair and host kids
Mexico is  Go Au Pair’ s featured country this month.  In honor of our featured country, families who match with an Au Pair from  Mexico in the month of March will receive $100 off the program fees.

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