Adoptive families and the Au Pair Program.

More and more adoptive families choose the Au Pair Program because Au Pairs connect better with adopted children than nannies. For adoptive families hosting an au pair fulfills two needs: affordable childcare and exposure to a different culture which is very important if a family adopted a child internationally. i love au pairs
The adopted child sees someone of his/her race/ethnicity every day and may learn the language of his/her birth country. Susan Kibler,  the adoptive parent, said, “Au Pair is proud of their own culture. They will bring a different perspective the American families cannot provide,” said  “For the children placed in US homes, knowing about their own culture builds confidence instead of making them feel different or ashamed of their skin color or background.”

With Au Pair Program a host family hosts someone who gets to know the family and the kids and has a complete interest in being a great childcare provider. He/she loves the children instead of it being a job and become a part of the family. The Au Pair develops a special relationship with the kids and boosts a love to a different culture.

Hosting an au pair is not just childcare—it’s a gift of cultural immersion. An Au Pair can bring a lot with their own customs, traditions, language, talents, cuisine, etc.and the children can learn another language.
A new Host Family may be eligible for up to $1,000.00 in discounts! Those who match with an Au Pair from Go Au Pair within 90 days of applying will be eligible to receive $750 off program fees and pay no application fee!


Au Pair’s awesome class

Ophelia’s Diary.

Education is an important part of the Au Pair program. As an Au Pair in America, I received $500 educational allowance from my host family. This gives me a great chance to experience American’s education.

Aupair classes

My host family and a Local Area Representative (LAR) helped me find a nice school — International House of Philadelphia.Au pairs school

Now I take English class there. My classmates are from different counties such as Brazil, Japan, Turkey, Peru, France and so on. I can learn not just English but different countries’ culture in my class.

Au Pairs class

I have studied there almost two months. And my English does improve a lot during this time.

Au Pairs must complete 6 credit hours or 72 classroom hours during the program year and may complete any course -it does not have to be an English language class.Au Pair study

Next semester, I will take some accounting classes. Learning the tax system of America should be very helpful and interesting.

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