Never give up on your dreams!

On November 24, 2019 we celebrated the International Au Pair Day for the first time in history. We are about to celebrate the International Au Pair Day this year again! There are many reasons to celebrate all our Au Pairs and what they bring to our lives each day, their hard work and dedication to their host families.

Many Au Pairs pursued their dreams and joined the Au Pair program with Go Au Pair. This year and the pandemic brought even more reasons to celebrate the Au Pairs. We are thankful to our Au Pairs for stepping up during the pandemic. Many Au Pairs have followed their dreams during the challenging time and have persevered through the struggles COVID-19 has brought on to Au Pairs and their Host Families.

Following their dreams was not an easy experience for many Au Pairs recently. However, along the way Au Pairs provided loving and devoted child care, shared their passion and culture, made memories and friends, immersed in new families and way of life, in a new country, language, and culture, learned new things and never gave up on their dreams!

The Au Pair International Day is a day to celebrate cultural exchange!

The International Au Pair Day, November 24, 2019, marks the beginning of a yearly celebration of Au Pairs. Celebrating the International Au Pair Day can be a unique opportunity to facilitate cultural exchange between host families and Au Pairs. 

Through the Au Pair program, Au Pairs and host families take part in a mutually rewarding, cultural exchange experience. Au Pairs get firsthand experience living in American family and explore American culture, they also make international friends and learn from a huge cultural diversity around them.  

The host family can expose to another culture without ever having to leave home! The host kids get a cultural childcare with kindness and respect for different cultures. The Au Pair Program helps a new generation better understand the people around the world, be tolerant to others and make the world a more welcoming, understanding, and open place. 

The celebration of this Day with the host family is very important!   International Au Pair Association (IAPA) recommends host families:

  • Surprise your au pair with a thank you note or video
  • Organise a surprise celebration for him/her
  • Take your au pair somewhere nice
  • Show your appreciation with a small gift
  • Give him/her a day off to have a fun day with other au pairs

Go Au Pair recommends the Au Pairs

  • Surprise their Host Families with a thank you note.
  • Create a video or photo album of their favorite Au Pair moments.
  • Invite their Host Families to a fun activity, like ice skating or a hay ride

Celebrating the International Au Pair Day can be a great opportunity to spread the word about the Au Pair program and the power of cultural exchange. 

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