Ukrainian Au Pair Yuliia found her home away from home in Bucks County, PA

Ukranian Au Pair Yuliia became part of her host family who lives in Bucks County, PA. Yuliia calls her host family “my home away from home.” Please read Yuliia’s story below.

Hi, dear reader! Since you are reading this, you probably know what this is all about. Is it about being an Au Pair? Yes. Is it about challenges or struggles? Yes! Is it about being all by myself and feeling like no one cares about me? No. Why? Because my Host Family was making sure I am feeling good.

This is a story of me and my host family during the hardest time of all. Let’s call it “My life with a Host Family: Quarantine edition”.

It was my 9th month being an Au Pair and taking care of two wonderful girls.Let’s be honest here, I am going to call them “little sisters”. At that time I was not planning to stay for another year, and I was so excited to go home soon. You are probably familiar with a feeling when you miss your family and friends. But I am not going to focus on that.

Nothing foretold troubles. Everyone was going with their lives and was looking forward to summer because it is time for fun and vacations. However, one pandemic decided to come over and change our plans. No one was expecting that“guest” in our lives. No one knew how to treat that “guest”. People were so shocked to come up with a new plan for their lives. And so was I.

I realized that time to go home might be postponed. I was so upset about it so I did not want to do anything. I did not really enjoy my time being in a house. I found no joy taking care of my “little sisters”, especially when the whole family was home. I thought nothing could be worse.

First few weeks, or even first month I was facing such challenges as: new routine for kids, distance learning, cooking, entertaining, staying in the house the whole day, and trying to get used to all people around you. I guess you can relate to this too.

However, this time of craziness and discomfort was the best time to become closer with my Host Family. You wonder why? I am here to tell you, otherwise what is the point for me of writing this and for you of reading it?

First of all, I want to acknowledge the fact that my Host Family set the fair schedule and clear responsibilities for me to do, so I was not too overwhelmed with everything. At first I thought because kids had no school, I had to double my job. However, it did not happen. My lovely Host Family made sure I was doing what I had to do certain amount of time every day and the rest I could spend for myself. I am so thankful for that because it helped me a lot not only to catch up with my studies but also to get some time for my hobbies.

Secondly, I want to talk about one of the most important things for me. When the “guest” came and everything got shut down, I wasn’t really worried about going out to some restaurants or stores. I was worried about my church I serve in every week. I was worried that I would have no chance to go to church during pandemic. Due to all restrictions and requirements, my church became a drive-in church where with all wisdom and following the rules, other people and I were able to attend services. My Host Family trusted me so much so they let me go to drive-in church every single week knowing that I would follow all the rules and would not put them at risk. Can you imagine how big this trust is? Would you ever trust that much a person you knew nothing about and who just came 9 months ago from a different country? When the world was falling apart, my Host Family did not take away from me something that I treasured the most. I believe this trust made our relationships stronger than ever. My Host Family is a big blessing I have being an Au Pair in the USA.

Last but not least, the life of my Host Family and mine became more fun. Since we had a chance to spend a lot of time together, we were looking for fun things to do. In November I met two farmers who live not far from our house. They had a lot of chickens. One day during the quarantine, my Host Family decided to visit the farmers (obviously following social distancing rules). And guess what? We ended up getting two fresh eggs. I guess you are starting to get a point I am going to. The Host Mom decided that itbewould fun and good idea to hatch the eggs. That very day, she found someone on Facebook, who was selling an incubator, and she bought it.It was hard for me to believe that we could have real chicks in a house.Few weeks later, Twitty Bird and Lilly were born. Our family grew. And it kept growing because we got a puppy. We already had the cutest dog Baila, but we got her a friend. Her name is Gigi.

People might say that quarantine ruined their lives. Others might say that it helped them a lot to become a new person, to improve any kind of relationships and just spend time without any rush. I am going to be the person who is going to say that THANK YOU. This pandemic did not make my life any harder. On the contrary, it made it easier. I was ready to help my host family with anything every day, because that what family does: cares, helps and loves. I helped my “little sisters” to finish their school year successfully so they are ready to move on to the next grade. I tried my best to make sure that the parents weren’t having a hard time working from home since the kids were also there. Everyone was doing what they had to do and it was pretty good.

What happened at the end? Now, I am looking forward to spend another year with my Amazing Host Family. I am sure it is going to be unforgettable. They are my “home away from home”. That is why I want to say thankyou, my Host Family, for making me feel like I belong to you, that I am a part of your family and thank you for your love, support and trust.You are the biggest blessing in my life.

I love you, Alla, Michael, Eliana, Mariella, Baila, Gigi, and our chickens.

Au Pairs from Philadelphia found a way to help the community

Recently, Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency volunteered at the Philadelphia Flower Show. They were wearing lovely Go Au Pair t-shirts and worked as the Go Au Pair team. Volunteering as a team allowed Au Pairs to experience American culture, culture of other countries and have fun. 

The Philadelphia Flower Show

Chinese Au PairsColombian Au PairsSalvadorian Au PairEcuadorian Au Pair,  South African Au PairsMexican Au Pair, Ukranian Au Pair worked together in that international team. The Au Pairs have a lot of fun working with others Au Pairs from Go Au Pair the Philadelphia and NJ cluster and making new friends.

Aupair at the  Flower Show

The Au Pairs met new people, while they were helping the show guests make beautiful floral headbands, pins, bracelets, and other fun accessories. It was a great opportunity for cultural exchange, a goal of the Au Pair program. 

Aupairs creation at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Everyone in the Make and Take Room was very creative.

Au Pair made a floral headband

Au Pairs were wearing beautiful Go Au Pair T-shirts and explaining about the Au Pairs program.

Au Pair Philadelphia

 Cherry and Jackie were the first who welcomed the Show guests.

Au Pairs volunteering

Annie and Joana are very talented. They made very lovely floral headbands and pins. There was a line of the show guests to get their assistance.

Au pair Annie volunteering

Everyone enjoyed volunteering. Karla and Joana were busy cutting the flowers.

Au Pairs  Philadelphia Karla and JoanaFlowers flowers, flowers. Zoe and Adriana were helping to find the right one and made a composition.

Go Au Pair team is volunteering in Philadelphia Show

 Ophelia worked till 8 pm, helped many people, and didn’t want to leave the volunteering place. Adrina was there too.

She also made friends with two ladies.

Au Pair Philadelphia

It was a valuable cultural exchange experience meeting many people, helping others, learn from others and having fun as well. There were several florist designers that taught how to create the flower arts projects. The creative work, beautiful flowers, and exciting spirit in the “Make and Take” room made everyone happy.Go Au Pair team is volunteering in Philadelphia

The Au Pairs enjoyed the opportunities to volunteer in America. Volunteering with friends is one of the special moments that Au Pairs will remember for a long time.

Read more about volunteering at the Philadelphia Flower Show from Ophelia’s Diary.

Helping the community with my Au Pairs friends.

Au Pairs volunteered for the Philadelphia Flower Show

Exploring the Philadelphia Flower Show.

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