Chinese Au Pair volunteered in America

Ophelia’s Diary.

One of the best memory for my first Au Pair year is volunteering! Even though I just been here less than one year, I already volunteered four times. As I am leaving to my new host family soon, I would like to share all my volunteering experience with you. Volunteer.Philadelphia Go Au pair Recently our Local Area Representative(LAR) Polina helped us find the chance to volunteer for Newtown Welcome Day. We helped distribute promotional items. By the end of the event, you can see almost everyone had green bags on their backs! We worked really hard for it. Au Pair Newtown Welcome Day Our Au Pair group volunteered for Philadelphia Marathon and Flower Show Before. Every event is unique. For example, we helped give out snacks during Marathon, we worked together as a team not just with Au Pairs but with thousands of Volunteers from other places. It gave us a chance to make friends with other volunteers too. Also, because it was free snacks, almost everyone took them happily. But during Newtown Welcome Day what we gave out were promotional items, some people did refuse to take it. So in this way, I will say I like Marathon better. IMG_20131117_125431 Philadelphia Flower Show was even more unique! We helped people did flower hats in the Make and Take room. I love volunteering for the Flower Show so much, because I helped people design different kinds of hats also I made a cute flower hat for myself! Au Pair Philadelphia Besides volunteering together with other Au Pairs from Go Au Pair, I taught English in Chinese Gospel Church as a volunteer. All my students were the elderly. As they are very old they don’t have very good memories, but they did work really hard on English. Their spirit moved me so much, it’s my honor to help them with English. volunteering with Au Pair Hopefully, I can still find a lot volunteering opportunities in Las Vegas. Volunteering is one of the best parts of my Au Pair life!

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