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This is my 400th post on the Philadelphia and NJ area Go Au Pairs Blog since the 300 post seven months ago. The first post of “What is Au Pair” was September 2010, almost four years ago.
400 posts

Many posts on this blog were written by other bloggers Ophelia and Cosima, and also by the blog  guests: Au Pairs and Host Families from Philadelphia and NJ cluster from Go Au Pair and other people. Thank you for posting with me!
You can read Ophelia Diary about an Au Pair life in Philadelphia and many trips she took, and enjoy many photos and videos.Au Pair Ophelia life Cosima from Germany, who is now an Au Pair in Bucks County,  started a new project that call Au Pair Mission.  Cosima plans to introduce newly arrived au pairs and blog about her Au Pair life. Cosima is a member of the Committee of the Go Au Pair team “Walk Now for Autism Speaks” and she will also post about the committee plans for the future.IMG_0042[1] The committee  includes MonicaRikie and other members as well who are working on fundraising and organizing the Go Au Pair team. The Au Pairs are going to join Walk Now for Autism Speaks on November 2, 2014 at the Citizens Bank Park of Philly. Autism walk with Go Au Pair Go Blue! Please walk with us on November 2, 2014 to change the future of the kids with Autism!autism and aupair
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An Au Pair’s room in the host family home.

People frequently misspell  the word Au Pair  as “au par”, “au paire”, “opair”, “au per”,  “au paring” and confuse the meaning. The word “Au Pair” is a French term, which means “on par” or “equal to”, referring to living on an equal basis, so an Au Pair  lives as an equal member of a host family and should feel at home there.

How to make an Au Pair feel at home?  Please read more in the article How to welcome your new au pair.

It is very important to prepare a comfortable and welcoming room for the Au Pair. The adequately sized room is supposed to be clean and properly lighted, has a comfortable bed, a writing desk with a chair, a closet or a wardrobe,  and a cupboard with drawers or shelves. The Au Pair must have easy access to a bathroom or have her own.

A private room gives the Au Pair the perfect place to study for classes without interruption and have personal discussions with her family and friends without feeling as though everyone is listening or watching.

The Au Pair’s room must have a lock on her door because the Au Pair needs privacy.  In changing clothes, an Au Pair will feel more comfortable if she has a place to do these things in private with the door locked. No cameras are allowed in an Au Pair’s room.

To make the Au Pair feel like she is welcomed and loved, put in the Au Pair’s room a small welcome basket on her arrival. The gift basket may contain some bath gels/lotions for her bathroom, empty picture frames, sweets or chocolates, and flowers. The host family may give the Au Pair the freedom to customize her living space on her own, to decorate her room with some pictures and posters.

Host families often ask what additional they may provide to their Au Pairs, do they need to put a TV or a computer in the Au Pair’s room. It depends. I have asked Au Pairs from Go Au Pair cluster in the Philadelphia and NJ area to  name material things they can’t live without (doesn’t include family, friends, etc.)

Dear Au Pair,  

Please take your time and vote.

It is very important to help the Au Pair feel comfortable and happy in the host family house and her room. The Au Pair will appreciate the efforts and will return the favour with her loving and reliable service.

An Au Pair means on par or equal to.

People are often confused about the word Au Pair. The Google search for the word “au pair” shows that people often misspell  this world  as “au par”, “au paire”, “opair”, “au per”

Many people think that au pair means a nanny.  An Au Pair doesn’t mean a nanny at all.

The word au pair is a French term, which means “on par” or “equal to, “ denoting living on an equal basis in a reciprocal, caring relationship between the host family and the children. An au pair will typically be a young woman and sometimes a young man from a foreign country who chooses to help look after the children of a host family and provide light housekeeping. The au pair is given room and board and is typically paid a weekly “pocket-money” salary. Au pairs generally stay with their host family for one year.
 Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries, and very popular in the USA are Argentine,  Brazilian, Chinese, Colombian, French, South Korean, Mexican, Russian, Salvadorian, South African, Thai and Ukrainian Au Pairs.

According to Wikipedia , an au pair (plural: au pairs) is a domestic assistant from a foreign country working for, and living as part of, a host family. Typically, au pairs take on a share of the family’s responsibility for childcare as well as some housework, and receive a small monetary allowance for personal use. Au pair schemes are subject to government restrictions which specify an age range usually from late teens to mid to late twenties.

Every year thousands of young people from all over the world consider becoming au pairs.  These enthusiastic unique individuals come to the United States  leaving behind the familiarity of their homeland, their parents, siblings and close friends. They start a special journey in their young  years and become a part of a host family as an equal member of the family helping with childcare , studying and traveling. Usually it is very far away from their real home.

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