The Au Pair year is like a lucky packet.

I like the post WHY BE AN AU PAIR? that Nita, a former Au Pair from Philadelphia and Bucks County cluster. Nita kindly gave a permission to share it with you.

Nita took care of 8 kids with another S. African Au Pair Ricki. Nita lived in New Hope, Bucks County with a lovely host family.

Nita considered her Au Pair year a lucky packet. Basically, because she got the opportunity meet the wonderful people!

Nita said, “I have met the most amazing people in my life, starting with my first host family. A killer family of 8 children whom I love dearly and my awe-inspiring host parents. Yet so my second, an intriguing family with twin babies. Secondly, the girls who carried me through this journey. Au Pairs from all over the world who i never intend on forgetting. You form relationships with people from culture to culture. Learn to love not by eye, but by heart. Not by similarities in interest, but to build a strong supporting relationship on your differences.”Au Pair volunteering at Bucks County 484

Nita said, “There is so much more to it than just be to your family what they are paying you for. It might feel like you are loved by contract not by heart, but the family taking you into their home chose you to be part of their children’s life. You are there because of who you are, they chose you. They want you. They find someone who is similar to them and who they think will fit right into their everyday life. Your appearance makes a difference. You get to be the highlight of someone’s day, everyday. You form an unbreakable bond with not only the kids, but the parents as well. You end up being really good friends and build a trusting relationship. I really lucked out on two fun families who is very understanding and supportive. You get to be a friend, a companion, a role model, a sister, a kid and most of all, someone they can always turn to in troubled times.Nita called her Au Pair year a like a lucky pair from S. Africa Tania 2

Nita called her Au Pair year a like a lucky packet also because, “You get so many opportunities with being an Au Pair. You take care of beautiful bright intelligent children, get a pay cheque every other week, get two weeks paid vacation, go to school (paid for), be adventures, travel and meet life long friends from all over the world. Imagine that feeling of having friends in Germany, Australia, Europe, Columbia, etc. You will always have someone everywhere you go. The feeling is pretty great that I can assure you.

Being Au Pairs  Bucks County Fundraisngan Au Pair is a way to expand yourself to the world that has so much to offer for young people who is on a war path on finding the wiser life embracing self-hiding somewhere.

Being an Au Pair has changed my life and I will forever be grateful for taking this opportunity and the people who were a part of this journey, as well as my family who made it possible for me to go on this adventure.

Read why Nita considered being an Au Pair and you may want to become an Au Pair as well.

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