Bucks County Au Pairs in Excellence

This month, Go Au Pair agency recognized 45 Au Pairs who went above and beyond their job as Au Pairs. Read a press release Au Pairs in Excellence Nomination- Au Pairs stand out.

There are two outstanding Au Pairs from Bucks County who were nominated by their Host Families for the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award in 2014.

Chinese Au Pair Hui

Hui Han, an Au Pair from China, lives in Yardley, Bucks County.  She had a challenging task to join the host family with two kids who recently lost their mom. The kids’ father spent many hours looking for the right Au Pair candidate.

The host father with two kids shared his story. You can read his posts: Why consider an Au Pair?   Looking forward to having a Chinese Au PairWelcoming a Chinese Au Pair to our family. Time flies very fast, and  one year and a half went since the Au Pair Hui joined the family.

Chinese Au Pair with kids

Her host father nominated the Au Pair Hui for Au Pair of the Year Award and shared his great experience”We were also fortunate to have the kind support of our Local Area Representative, who is great with organizing the Au Pairs in her cluster.  She too could see that Hui was mature and good for the children.  As the days passed by, I could tell that the children we happier at school and at home.  While no one was going to replace their mother, we had built a new family structure.  Having Hui there for them and helping out on their Chinese assignments was a source of stability in our household.”

Au Pair Hui China 5

Hui is very reliable, mature and trustworthy Au Pair.  She is also very active and has many friends. I think that she traveled more than any Au Pair I know. She has been to New York City, New Hampshire, Boston, California, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and visited friends in Idaho to name a few places. Hui took art class at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and then a class at Princeton University She also loves volunteering, skiing and skating with her friends and her twin sister.

Au Pairs Yardley Bucks County

In a few months Hui will leave the family. Her host father says,”I know she will take her independence and maturity on to the next phase of life. I hope we will appreciate her as much as she deserves, even after she has gone.”Au Pair Hui  China 6 Congratulation, Hui! Your name is written among other nominees of Au Pairs in Excellence on Go Au Pair website and also in your host kids hearts!

Read  Go Au Pair blog about Go Au Pair’s Au Pair in Excellence Winners.

Can a single father hire an au pair?

Several single fathers emailed me asking  if  a single father can hire an au pair.  The answer is Yes. I had/ have several single fathers who raised the kids with an Au Pair’s help. The Au Pair becomes a big sister for kids, a person who is a reliable and loving member of the family.

I asked Gregory L. who is a single father with two kids to share his story. You can also read his previous posts: Why consider an Au Pair?   Looking forward to having a Chinese Au Pair.

Welcoming a Chinese Au Pair to our family.

Well it has been over five months since my children lost their mother to cancer in April 2012.  My wife was from China and learning Mandarin and Chinese culture were gifts she gave to our children.  Yet, after her passing, I needed the help of Chinese tutors and teachers to complete the spring semester at their Sunday Chinese school.  With some trepidation, I set out to interview several Au Pair candidates over the summer.

The best candidate was one I had mentioned in a prior post.  She has a twin sister who was an Au Pair and her twin sister worked for a single father where the mother had passed away from cancer.  As others have told me, these things in life happen for a reason.

After many rounds of paperwork and a long flight, she arrived in late September 2012.  I picked her up at the hotel at the conclusion of the Go Au Pair orientation training.  We visited her twin sister who lived nearby the training site, and then we drove back to my home in Pennsylvania.

We arrived a half-hour before the school bus.  The children ran home from the bus, so excited to have a new person in their lives.  It was at this point that I realized that I had made the right choice.  Her name is Hui and as you can see, my children were happy to have a Chinese Au Pair in our home.

A few days later, we attended the Go Au Pair international dinner in Bucks County where Hui had a chance to meet the other Au Pairs and make more friends.

Now, the children are confident at their Chinese school.  While no one will replace their mother, they have a ‘big sister’ from China and they tell her about the fun things they did with their mother.  They look back and remember the person they had, not the person they lost.  These things in life happen for a reason.

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Bucks County Au Pairs in Excellence

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