Having my birthday

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing really good. I am so sorry for taking so long with the blog , I was very busy with my host family, my Au Pair friends from goAUPAIR and birthdays)-:

My birthday was on the 17th of February and my host moms birthday was on the 16th of February so it was a lot of celebrating going on in that week. We had a surprise party for my host mom on the 12th and she didn’t know about a thing. Some of her family members came all the way from Colorado 🙂 She was so happy to see all of them again. It made me happy to see how much they also care about each other and it reminded me of my family back in South-Africa.

On my birthday I spend the day with my one friend that I now consider my sister 🙂 We went to a park and walked around and spoke about a lot of things, we then went for lunch and came back to my house. We just relaxed while watching a movie and then it was back to reality and we both had to start work again.

My host mom made one of my favorite dinners and we all sat together at the table and ate our dinner, my chair was decorated with balloons and then they brought me my cake, it was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and in bright pink it said happy birthday Lala. I had to blow out my candles and the twins helped me with that 🙂 The cake was really good and I ate way to much of it 🙂

It was time for my birthday presents and I loved everyone of it. I bought myself a charm bracelet when I just got here and decided to by charms that represents my year as an Au Pair. They got me a snowflake (my first snow), a handbag (my host mom), the liberty bell, airplane (flying here) and a heart with a diamond in (they say I have a very good heart).  I also got some gift cards to shop for summer clothes. 

Thanks to a great host family I had one of the best birthday’s ever 🙂 I do wish I could have spent some time with my family but we did skype. I was very emotional and so was my mother and brother but soon the tears of sadness turned into tears of joy when they told me how proud they are of me and that we will be together again after this time.

I hope you like my birthday cake!

Thank you,  my Host Family. You made me feel so special that night and every night even if

it is not my birthday.


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