My Au Pair’s First Vacation.

A couple of months ago my one Au Pair  friend Stacey and I decided that we should take a vacation and go to Miami and Disneyworld, and as we decided we did it!

On the 5th of April I flight to West Palm Beach International Airport where Stacey already waited for me. We got our car that we rented and then we took on the drive to Miami. It was an hour and a half drive because of the traffic, but it was a fun trip since both of us didn’t know where we were and fully trusted the GPS which thankfully got us to our hostel safe 🙂

We stayed in a hostel that is only for people that are not citizens of America, so we met a lot of people from different countries like Russia, Scotland, Norway, Germany, and Switzerland. We all had great times together and amazing friendships has been formed. We spend most of our time on the beach, shopping and a lot of walking. One of the funniest things was a bus/boat tour that took us around Miami and showed us all the landmarks of Miami and even the rich and famous like Paris Hilton’s house. Sadly we had to leave on the 7th to go to Disney-world,  but we were just as excited as little 4 year olds 🙂

After a very long 4 hour drive, we made it to our hotel in Disney-world. As soon as we checked in we went to our room, unpacked, showered and decided that it was time for bed. We woke up the next morning very early because we had to buy our tickets for the parks that we wanted to go to. We decided to go to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood studios and we could not have made better choices as to where to go 🙂

Everything is exactly the way you imagine it as a child, there are Disney characters everywhere, all the shops only sell Disney related products. It is a lot of walking to do and trust me when I say pack comfortable shoes!! We went on all the rides, saw most of the shows and just had an amazing first day in Disney-world!

Our second day was in the Hollywood studios theme park. We first had some breakfast and then started our crazy day 🙂 We watched a lot of shows, but the two that truly stood out for me was Indiana Jones stunt show. This is where they show you how they did all the stunts in the movie and it is actually stunt guy from the movie did the show. The other one was a stunt show where they show you how they make all the racing and chasing scenes in movies.

Stacey and I also went on roller coasters ant the one I enjoyed the most was the tower of terror, you go up in an elevator while sitting in seats, then you go round a really spooky place and then all of a sudden you drop 13 stories while windows open ect. It is really scary but so much fun!

Our vacation came to an end and we could not agree more that we had one amazing, great, fun time that we definitely should do it again soon 🙂

I am in the Cayman Islands with my host family now and my next blog would be my experience in the Cayman Islands

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  1. Anna
    May 22, 2011 @ 23:32:48

    Please write more! I read all your posts and I want to know more about how things are going with you!


  2. Nick
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 23:30:27

    Nice Blog !!!


  3. Eric
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 16:20:05

    Interesting blog post you have here. Thanks again for this post.


  4. Justin
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 14:11:35

    Your blog is Great, thank you for your post .


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