Party Time!

Hey everyone!
Sorry that it took me so long to write again, but with all the Christmas preparations at my Host Family house in Philadelphia and all that goes along with it, I have been really busy.

I had my first  meeting with my Au Pair group from  goAUPAIR – and it was ” Christmas party” and oh boy was that fun!!  At first I was very nervous because I did not know anyone but once I walked into the room everyone was very welcoming and friendly to me.

We went to a Chinese restaurant and and played a couple of games before we ordered our food, after we ordered the food we played some more games and also gave each other Christmas presents and another couple of games. Let me tell you about everything.

The first we play ” Two Truths and a Lie.” It was the icebreaker game and we learned about each other a lot. I should tell 3 facts about myself which two are true and one is a lie. Other Au Pairs guessed which fact was the lie. We had “kisses” for every correct guess; Olga had the most candies and got a prize.

We played many games. One game was where we each had two cards and our LAR had the same cards in her hand. Once she called your card number you can choose a sweet gift from the middle of the table. Each gift represented something to expect in 2011. I got a candy book which symbolize my studies that I am going to do while being an Au Pair and maybe I’ll start my first year in College 😉 WOW!

Than we played funny gift exchange game-  Right/Left passing gift game, where we passed the gifts to the left or right depending on what the story said.  At times it looked as if you are going to get your own gift but luckily no one did! I got a beautiful black wallet. Everyone loved their gifts.

The only time that we were quite was when our food arrived because it was so good 🙂 Believe me!  Than we shared a delicous cake with tea!
After dinner was done we played one more funny game. Real action! We had an auction to raise the money for the whole night for what we had to pay. Olga was really good as the auctioneer and did not let anyone get her under by selling the surprise packages to us and the prize that she wanted for it! You can watch small peace of it now.

Then we went to the theater for The Nutcracker, a ballet show. It was performed by one of the ballet schools with small children, teenagers and adults participated. We also met a single mother with three daughters that wanted to know what it was like to being an Au Pair. We all had so much respect for her for having the courage to raise three daughters on her own.

We all had lots and lots of  fun! We had to say our goodbyes but we still have all the memories in our hearts and cannot wait to meet again.

Read my next post about My happy and sad Christmas.

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