My Beloved South Africa.

South Africa (orthographic projection)

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Home sweet home, my South-Africa, I miss you.

Every day is another day away from my beautiful country. There are so many things that South-Africa has that America does not have and there are also things that America has that South-Africa does not have, but you have to remember that every country has its own traditions and way of doing things.

In South-Africa we have a lot of other types of food that I truly do miss, a couple of it is “Braaivleis”, “Potjiekos”,”Pap en Wors” and many more. We also have candy that   America does not have like astro’s and smarties 🙂 But then again America has candy that South-Africa does not have. I think that all of us do not really appreciate what we have until it gets taken away from us.

At times I could not wait to get out of the house and start being independent and do all by myself, far away from everyone; but now I miss everyone and everything. I understand what homesickness is now, but everyday it seems to get better. My host family and many my new friends-Au Pairs from goAUPAIR, and my LAR are always here for me.

It is summer at the moment in South-Africa with temperatures of 120-130 ‘F. 🙂

In summer everyone lives in their bathing suits, spends a lot of time outside playing games like “touch Rugby”, volleyball, games in the pool. We also love taking watermelons and throwing them in the pool. While the adults usually make salads and Braai, the kids playing outside and having some fun in the sun! I loved soaking up the sun and when it gets to hot I would just jump into the pool and join whatever game are being played.

Seedless watermelon Purchased Feb. 2005 in Atl...

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When it is time to eat, we will throw a blanket on the grass and everyone will sit together and spend some time with each other. One of us will then jumps into the pool and get the watermelon, slice it up and we eat it.  After that everyone gets back into the pool 🙂 I miss the sun, wearing short sleeve clothes and doing this every Saturday or Sunday.

I now only realize what I left behind but I know I will have that when I go back as well.  I am enjoying the life here, in America, and the way that Americans do it over here. I know that I will not regret coming here ever because so far I am having the best time of my life!

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