Тop Ten Tips for New Au Pairs

10. ADMIT IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. Let your host family know if the language is a problem. Admit if you don’t understand a word or directions. Ask questions. Your English will improve rapidly during the first few weeks, and after you become accustomed to the family’s routine, you’ll find that the number of questions will decline.

9. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS. No one is perfect. If you make a mistake, take responsibility and try to correct the situation.

8. BE A GOOD EXAMPLE. The children you care for look up to you. Don’t you do things in front of the children that their parents wouldn’t want them doing.

7. BE CONSIDERATE OF YOUR HOST PARENTS. Keep them informed of where you are going. If you are planning on traveling, discuss the details with them and make sure your plans do not interfere with their schedules.

6. FOLLOW HOUSE RULES. The only way you will establish trust is by following rules “even those with which you may not agree.

5. NEGOTIATE FOR CHANGE. If you have a problem, present it to your host parents clearly and calmly. Suggest your solution to the situation. Listen to what they say. Try to reach a compromise.

4. RESPECT THE PRIVACY OF OTHERS. Gossiping about other Au Pairs and their families may be very harmful. If your friends confide in you, do not tell other people. Do not tell your host family about what goes on in other families.

3. BE A GOOD  FRIEND. Remember what it is like to be a new Au Pair. Welcome new arrivals and land a hand.

2. STAY IN TOUCH WITH YOUR LAR. Call or email if you can’t come to a meeting or you have questions.


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