Au Pair journal updates “Happy Holidays”

Oh December, December…The happiness you bring!

Holidays are almost here.

The Holiday Party is next Saturday and I am very excited about it.  The Holiday Party  for Go Au Pair Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery Counties and parts of NJ cluster is  a big hit every year and this year we will have a very special Holiday Party with gifts exchange, delicious food, lots of games and surprises and then we will see a Holiday Light Show. WOW!

Things have been very agitated around my host family’s house. The holiday shopping is done and there are presents everywhere, the Christmas tree is beautiful and the kids can’t help peeking under it to see if there’s something interesting (it’s a good thing one of them is learning to read and the other is 2 years old).

Speaking of 2 year-olds, Olivia has just learned how to use the potty, she’s a pro! My host mother and I thought it would take a month or more for Livy to understand what she had to do, but the girl is very intelligent and does a little dance every time she goes. It’s adorable.

The kids talk about Christmas everyday and Santa is the hot topic here, bringing him up helps keep Olivia good, she said she’s going to give him chocolate milk and cookies, ‘cause she said she talked to him and he likes it.

Now we just have to teach our newest buddy, a boxer named Bella, that she must do her business in the backyard not in the living room…that’s gonna take a while.

Joey and Olivia are very excited with their new dog. Even Diesel is loving her, he shows that by drooling over her.

Holiday time!  Time to have Fun!  It’s the most wonderful time of the year,,,,,,,

Happy Holidays!

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