You know you’re an Au Pair in the USA when…

…you always introduce yourself with:  ‘Hi! my name is (your name), I’m from (country) and I have (amount of children you are taking care of) children!!’

… you spent all your money at the MALL and you still have nothing to wear

… you think $195 every weekend just for shopping and coffee is too much in your country but not that much here

… one cup of coffee doesn’t make you awake anymore, it just makes you alive

…you only have other Au Pairs as your friends

…you know what a LAR , Host Family and goAUPAIR are

..someone has asked you stupid questions like: ‘do you have cars in your country?’ – ‘You don’t have Valentine’s day?’ – ‘Where is your country?’

…you go to PLAY-DATES

…you hate Dora, The Wiggles and Thomas

…you’ve seen more movies in one month than in your whole life at home

…you cherish moments of silence more than ever before

…you notice yourself saying ‘GOOD JOB’ a hundred times a day

…you wonder why you slept the whole night long so uncomfortable and you notice the next morning, you slept on a barbie, a lollypop, sandtoys etc.

…you are DRIVING to the bus stop to pick up your kids, which is only 200 meters from your house.

… you need to be creative to find new punishments because a time-out doesn’t work anymore 😉

…you start to love Disney movies again and can copy every passage from them

…you’ve learned what it means to be patient

…you know that you should never SHAKE A BABY!!!

…instead of singing song from the radio your singing children songs

…the kids call you mom because you spend too much time with them

…you’re sure you don’t want own kids within the next 100 years 😉 know now exactly how difficult it was for your parents to have little kids and you feel like saying thanks for all you’ve done to your mom and dad every day

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I found these  funny and very truthful.
Lets continue it …

You know you’re an Au Pair in the USA when…

…you became a “pro” in cooking kids meals

…you know not only all your kids friends name, but their parents too

.. you explained at least tens time already who “an Au Pair” is

You know you’re an Au Pair in the USA when…

Help me to continue it.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Andrea Sachez
    Nov 17, 2010 @ 12:54:42

    when you run for your camera to take a picture of your kids doing something “awesome” (even if they’re just twisting their eyes)…


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