The Flower Show

Hello everyone! Hope that all of you are doing really good.

When I first arrived here my host mom told me about the Philadelphia International Flower Show and that I should defiantly go. At first I thought to myself that it would be boring and I do not want to go by myself, but then one of my friends Au Pairs from Go Au Pair asked me if I would like to go. In the beginning I was like “a flower show…really” but I am so glad that I did go!

We took the train to Philadelphia early in the morning and it took us right to the flower show, as soon as I walked in my breath was taken away! The decor was amazing and all the people were very friendly. The theme of the show was “Springtime in Paris” and they even made a model of the Eiffel tower that pretty much look like the real thing. It wasn’t all flowers as I expected it would be, but also exhibitions of dresses, paintings, toys, food and so much more!My friend and I walked around and around and also bought ourselves some stuff that we could keep as memories that will always remind us of this amazing experience! I am not regretting one moment of going because it was an experience that everyone should really have! As the day went by we were getting tired and decided to come back home. We took the train and talked about the great day that we had and all the photos to keep reminding us of the fun day!

Hope all of you are enjoying the springtime like I am 🙂

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