Go Au Pair is the #1 Best rated Au Pair Agency for 2013.

This week Au Pair Clearinghouse announced that Go Au Pair is the #1 Best rated Au Pair Agency for 2013 year again.

A consumer information website for Host Families, AuPairClearingHouse com, rates, reviews and compares au pair agencies in the United States by conducting host family satisfaction surveys and ratings. A recent survey conducted by the Au Pair Clearinghouse showed  Go Au Pair came out on top this year as the best Au Pair agency!

Go Au Pair #1Go Au Pair having above average ratings in many areas. The agency has many happy host families,  please read many reviews on citysearch.com

“I would recommend this service, and specifically Go Au Pair to anyone, and would share with you that based on my detailed research, the Go Au Pair program is approximately 1/3 the cost of nanny’s and/or daycare. Further, the real benefits of having someone live in your house, and be involved in what I would call the “small times or spaces” is invaluable. This has allowed me to maintain the best possible relationship with my young children, while they receive advanced training from young people who often have learned more than I have about childhood development methods.

Not to mention the benefits of cross-cultural education which is invaluable.”

Go Au Pair  provides exceptional customer service.  Go Au Pair team has a passion for their work, the team goes the ‘extra mile’ to prevent many issues.  Go Au Pair likes to have a feedback and listen about customer needs.

Go Au Pair provides support to Host Families from the time of the initial inquiry consistently throughout the year. Go Au Pair team wants to be sure that clients get a timely and informed response to their needs, and has the solid relationship with host families and Au Pairs.

Go Au Pair’s Au Pairs have been named  “Best in the World” by IAPA (International Au Pair Association). We have many happy Au Pairs. Recently Go Au Pair starts an inclusive Go Au Pair program to connect and support Au Pairs – Go Au Pair Sis.

Also, Go Au Pair offers some exclusive resources:

Au Pair Preview
Choose Your Au Pair’s Arrival Dates
Choose Your Own Customizable Au Pair Payment Plan
Read more here

Go Au Pair 11

Different Au Pair programs

There are many options to meet families  child care, scheduling and budgetary needs.

Go Au Pair offers five types of Au Pair programs.

Standard Au Pair Program
The Standard Au Pair program is by far Go Au Pair’s most popular child care program for both Host Families and Au Pairs.

Au Pair Plus Program
Au Pairs participating in the Au Pair Plus program must have previous experience as an Au Pair in another country in addition to the requirements for the Standard Au Pair program.

Premiere Au Pair Program
Au Pairs in this program are required to have additional experience than Standard and Au Pair Plus.

EduCare Au Pair Program
Educare Au Pairs work 30 hours per week instead of 45, so their weekly stipend is lower than the other programs. Educare Au Pair are the only Au Pairs not permitted to care for children under the age of 2 even if they have experience caring for infants.

Au Pair Again Program
This program allows former Au Pairs to return to the U.S. again with their original family or with a new one.

Read more about types of Au Pair Programs here

An Au Pair from Philadelphia Received Go Au Pair’s exclusive Au Pair in Excellence Award.

Ying Song, an Au Pair from Philadelphia, has been awarded Go Au Pair’s Au Pair in Excellence Award.  The Au Pair in Excellence Award is only awarded to a select few Au Pairs each year.  In addition to the Au Pair in Excellence Certificate, Ying will receive a prize from Go Au Pair.

Ying is an Au Pair from China. She is very busy taking care of three teenage girls, driving , cooking dinner and helping her host mom.

Ying is also a very dedicated student.   She said that her host mom has inspired her to become a nurse, and she has begun taking the required classes to enter a nursing program here in the United States.

Ying has traveled together with her family many places in the United States. They recently returned from a Christmas trip to Disney World.

Her mom said,”the thing I appreciate the most is Ying’s willingness to pitch in and help around the house.  I have three sixth grade girls, so there is a lot of activity in the house all the time.  Ying has a calm manner that sets a good example for the girls.  She is also the first one up from the table after meals to start cleaning up, and is the first one up on Saturdays to start getting laundry organized.  She is a wonderful role model for my girls, and I hope that at least some of her initiative rubs off on them! We are indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful young woman with us!”

Congratulations, Ying, on your receiving Go Au Pair’s Au Pair in Excellence Award!

The best host family in Go Au Pair Philadelphia

Who would have thought living with a family you’ve only met within 5 months would be so much fun?……well, I had that thought before I joined Go Au Pair.
When I started the program, I always hoped to be matched with a loving and caring family. I’m sure that everyone that joins the Au Pair program also wishes for the same thing. To be honest, for a first time traveller like me, leaving South Africa wasn’t easy.

Especially knowing that I’m going to a place that I’ve never been, committing myself to staying 365days with people I’ve never met before, not knowing what the other side of the world has got for me could be very scary.
But arriving in Philadelphia on the 4-08-2011 and receiving a warm welcome from my host family immediately made the scary go away. The first 5 minutes that I arrived at home, my two kids Olivia & Hannah gave me a grand tour of the house, showing me the drawings they’ve made for me. I realized there and then that I’ve entered a whole new year with a remarkable, mostly unforgettable memory of a life time.
A week after my arrival my family threw me a welcome party which was a great success. I got to meet and make friends. For the whole 5  months that I’ve been with my Host family i have never heard a complaint about how I do my work nor have I had any complaints. Also living in a neighborhood that has such wonderful people just puts the icing on top of my sweet life.
The Faux/Griffith family are the best. I would have never asked for a better family because they’re everything I hoped for. I will be forever grateful to them not only for welcoming me in their family, but also for making me feel part the family.

For you that is still on the matching process I wish you all the best. Who knows?….you might find a family that is just like mine.

Au Pairs having fun at the Holiday Light Show.

Last Saturday we had a great party at an Asian restaurant in Bucks County, PA with my new friends from Go Au Pair agency. 

It is me,  having fun with my friends, but it was just a beginning of our celebration.

After our Holiday Party, my Au Pairs friends and I drove to the Holiday Light Show in Shady Brook Farm. This was my first time at the light show. It was unusual and interesting for me. We drove in the car through a Holiday light show. There were many different lights and colors. It seemed that characters had just come out from fairy tales. It reminded me my childhood.

Then we joined the crowd who came to celebrate Christmas in the farm. The farm was specially decorated for Christmas. A lot of familiar characters and Christmas songs created a special holiday spirit. There were several fires where we could warm up and roast marshmallows. 

People enjoyed horse-drawn hayrides, bought Christmas trees and decorations, presents and food and took photos with a real Santa Claus.

It was a magic time. My friends and I took photos after photos to please everyone and to make unforgettable memories – laughing, looking around, and eating popcorn. It was a lot of fun hanging out with my friends at this miracle farm.

This farm reminded me of a magical island, where wishes could come true. I want to come back again. Thank you so much to our LAR Polina, who brought us there.

Tamara, an Au Pair from Ukraine.

Au Pair journal updates “Happy Holidays”

Oh December, December…The happiness you bring!

Holidays are almost here.

The Holiday Party is next Saturday and I am very excited about it.  The Holiday Party  for Go Au Pair Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery Counties and parts of NJ cluster is  a big hit every year and this year we will have a very special Holiday Party with gifts exchange, delicious food, lots of games and surprises and then we will see a Holiday Light Show. WOW!

Things have been very agitated around my host family’s house. The holiday shopping is done and there are presents everywhere, the Christmas tree is beautiful and the kids can’t help peeking under it to see if there’s something interesting (it’s a good thing one of them is learning to read and the other is 2 years old).

Speaking of 2 year-olds, Olivia has just learned how to use the potty, she’s a pro! My host mother and I thought it would take a month or more for Livy to understand what she had to do, but the girl is very intelligent and does a little dance every time she goes. It’s adorable.

The kids talk about Christmas everyday and Santa is the hot topic here, bringing him up helps keep Olivia good, she said she’s going to give him chocolate milk and cookies, ‘cause she said she talked to him and he likes it.

Now we just have to teach our newest buddy, a boxer named Bella, that she must do her business in the backyard not in the living room…that’s gonna take a while.

Joey and Olivia are very excited with their new dog. Even Diesel is loving her, he shows that by drooling over her.

Holiday time!  Time to have Fun!  It’s the most wonderful time of the year,,,,,,,

Happy Holidays!

An Au Pair – a positive role model for the kids

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you.
Worry that they are always watching you!”
Robert Fulghum

Children picked up a certain behavior or habit through the people around them. Anyone that they look up to may be a role model. Which is why it is important to set a good example for kids.gjenny

An Au Pair can be a positive role model that children of all ages look to. Au Pairs are mature, enthusiastic, unique individuals with a lot of talents and skills. When an Au Pair cares for  children and lives as a family members, she is more than care providers. She becomes a role model, mentor, teacher, coach,  big sister and friend.

Most children would prefer the atmosphere of a young adult playing or hanging out than an older nanny taking care of them.  Older kids would like someone they can talk to, share their interests, speak in confidence, and look up to.  Au Pair comprises a unique opportunity being a responsible adult that children listen to and an older sibling that they look up to. A favorable Au Pair becomes the best example for children that you could ever ask for.

Go Au Pair rated #1 agency for 2011 by Au Pair Clearinghouse. According Au Pair Clearinghouse survey Go Au Pair agency offers the best selection of quality Au Pairs.  Au Pairs from Go Au Pair agency have been internationally recognized through the special award in 2009, 2005 and 2004. Living  with host family an Au Pair acts as an older sibling and becomes a consistent role model.

Making sure that children is influenced by positive role models will help kids achieve more in their life.

The Host Family Day Conference

Every year  Host Families and Au Pairs and the LAR from Go Au Pair agency meet for a Family Day Conference  to get to know each other better. This year we got together at Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

It was an absolutely amazing day. We had a great time meeting each other and having fun together. There were live shows, great music and entertainment for all ages.

The Faire was full of musicians, magicians and artists of other unique entertainers to keep everyone busy.

We saw a lot of street performances, craft demonstrations, battling pirates, and different shows.

We tasted the medieval food, and it was delicious. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the special renascence spirit, amazing music, and endless talents.

We took many photos, movies, made new friends and built unforgettable memories. 

Go Au Pair offers many discounts.

Go Au Pair agency is highly affordable and significantly less expensive than both daycare and nannies. The cost of an Au Pair is approximately $353 per week or$7.75 per hour regardless of how many children family has. And with many discounts available right now, the cost is much lower.

Go Au Pair agency has very competitive cost in the Au Pair field. Now application fee $250 waived and any family can begin an Au Pair search without a financial obligation.

In addition, Go Au  Pair offers  many discounts for both new and repeat host families. Go Au Pair special discounts are a great way to save money.

Right now the special discount off $100 is being offered only for Philadelphia and NJ area!  

There are many other discounts available.

Every month Go Au Pair features Au Pairs from a select country. Families who match with an Au Pair from our featured country during the month it is highlighted are eligible for $100 discount.

Every month Go Au Pair is pleased to feature our available Au Pairs from different countries. Families who match with an Au Pair from that country receive $100 off the program fees

Host Families who choose a male Au Pair are eligible for our Male Au Pair discount of $100.
Go Au Pair also offers a Pre-Match discount.  Families who find their own out of country Au Pair not currently available at Go Au Pair (pre-match) are eligible for this $250 discount. The Au Pair must meet all of the Go Au Pair screening and training requirements.

Go Au Pair offers a variety of discounts to help make Au Pair child care an affordable solution for Host Families. Eligible families may qualify for one or more discounts  that bring the cost even lower.

Thee best nanny you could ever have.

A mutually matched Au Pair is not necessarily already the best nanny ever, it’s an aupair that has the possibility to be best nanny ever for your family-thee best nanny you could ever have.

According to a consumer information website for Host Families, AuPairClearingHouse.com, who rates, reviews and compares au pair agencies in the United States by conducting host family satisfaction surveys and ratings, the quality of Au Pairs  from Go Au Pair was rated at 100 percent positive.

One of the many things that makes Go Au Pair unique is the Mutual Match system. Go Au Pair exclusive Mutual Match system is based on 20 years of experience matching quality Au Pairs with families across the country. The agency has made the process of choosing an Au Pair that’s right for the family smooth and easy.

Unlike the majority of Au Pair agencies, with Go Au Pair, families aren’t ever limited to the number of Au Pairs  that they can review. Families can view hundreds profiles since Go Au Pair’s goal is to make sure that family matches with the Au Pair that best fits the family’s unique needs.

The families needs and preferences are as different as an Au Pair’s experience, education and personalities.

Many Au Pairs have many years of experience working with different ages, special needs children, and even infants multiples. Many of them have been a daycare teacher and have nannied up to 10 children at once, some of them were nurses,  some volunteered in orphanages, some worked as nannies for years in their home countries.

Many au-pairs are professional teachers, college graduated and have years of  a special education in arts, music and sports.

When making a match, host family should  consider not only family’s needs and Au Pairs experience, but also Au Pair’s expectations and shared interests.

 Go Au Pair recruits Au Pairs from over 60 different countries and they all have own culture, religion and values. Read more about which country is the best au pair from?

The following is a comment made by one of host mom from Go Au Pair,”I’ve had a lot of au pairs before but this is the first time I’ve used Go Au Pair and they matched me with Anny, our au pair is one of the best au pairs we have had.” 

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