Au Pairs for families with multiple children

Au Pairs for families with multiple children is the best option to get the childcare for less money and much more.

Since 1980 the multiple birth rate had doubled. Many host parents realize the financial benefits of choosing an Au Pair for their multiple childcare needs. Hiring an Au Pair are more cost effective when compared to both daycare for several children and nanny care.

Au Pairs are young and motivated.  Many Au Pairs are professional teachers and daycare nannies and have experience working with groups of children. As a young adult with the energy to engage in age-appropriate active play, they are able to stimulate creativity.  They are enthusiastic about taking care of the children and give them the personal attention that they need.

Au Pair brings flexibility and convenience of live-in provider to the family. In addition, the Au Pair assists the family with some household duties.  In a big family parents often need an additional pair of hands to help with multiples.

There are just so many great aspects to this form of childcare; it truly is the perfect fit for many families with multiple children. The cost of an Au Pair is approximately $7.50 per hour regardless of how many children the family has.  Choosing an Au Pair provides the family with multiple children with affordable  live-in childcare.

Wishing You Holiday Cheer!

One of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say to my dear Host Families, my wonderful Au Pairs , superb Go Au Pair agency‘s staff  and my great readers “Thank You” and to wish the very best for the New Year!

Holiday time wishes for warmth and good cheer

happiness now and in the New Year!

Feel secure with an Au Pair.

An Au Pair provides a reliable and stable child care environment and brings flexibility and convenience of live-in provider to the family.

An Au Pair will provide flexible in-home care and personalized child supervision. Host family can arrange  her weekly working hours to fit the family’s needs.

Parents  feel secure with the Au Pair.  Snow days or sick days are no longer a problem.  No needs to get up early to get kids ready to go to daycare and rush back home if parents are late from work. Parents can go out together.

When parents put kids in daycare they really cannot trust who is taking care of their kids. Children aren’t going to get the love and care that they truly deserve because other kids are in need of attention at the same time.

An Au Pair is young and motivated, she is able to stimulate an active play, likes going out and running with the kids and doing creative stuff. The children are able to spend all day in a safe, secure and loving environment with someone who has become a member of their family.

In daycare, children are most likely going to get sick a few times per year. Diseases and germs spread around daycare centers, rooms and toys are not properly cleaned and disinfected.

Choosing an Au Pair provides the family with secure and flexible live-in childcare. Instead of sending children away to impersonal daycare centers that charge separately for each child, children stay in the comfort of their own home with a qualified, caring Au Pair who provides a personal touch and gives them the personal attention that they need.

How to welcome your new Au Pair.

Here are several tips for the  Host Family  on how to welcome a new Au Pair when she arrives.

  • Have their room ready and clean with a waste paper basket and laundry basket .
  • Prepare a welcome sign made by the children and a small arrival gift or basket
  • Ask about their room (do they have everything they need).
  • Help them call home to let their parents know they are now with their host family
  • Ask them how you can make them feel welcome in regards to cultural differences, food, customs, etc.
  • Spend the entire first week showing them everything in your home and in the neighborhood.
  • Introduce your au pair to your neighbors and friends.
  • Ask your au pair questions about their home, their country, their family, and ask to see the pictures they brought with them.
  • Give her a few days to unpack, rest and become acclimated to the host family’s home.

Help your au pair feel welcome and that they are truly part of your family.


You can find more information about  how to welcome your new Au Pair here

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