Welcoming new Au Pair from Mexico Hannya!

Hannya is a new Au Pair from Mexico who joined the Philadelphia, NJ and Bucks  County cluster this week. I would like to welcome Hannya to the cluster, Go Au Pair and the US.  Hannya already made a lot of friends on FB and she is looking forward to meeting them soon. Hannya also made a great connection with her buddy Karla, Au Pair from Ecuador.
Let me introduce Hannya. Hannya is 20 years old and she is from Torreon, Mexico.  She likes kids and spends a lot of time working and teaching the kids and volunteering for  different projects.

Hannya says, ” I consider myself a patient, smiling and outgoing person.  I like to spend my free time with friends or go to the cinema.  When I was in Torreon, one of my favorites hobbies was playing soccer or going to soccer matches.
Last month I was traveling with friends and family through México and we visited a lot of places! I learn fast and If there something that I don’t understand I like to research about that thing.”
Hannya’s dream is ” to visit all possible places.” Good luck with that  – there are many places to visit during your Au Pair year!
We are all looking forward to meeting you, Hannya! Welcome, again!

Au Pair extension time is coming!

Ophelia’s Diary.

Everything in Philadelphia is great for me. I love being an Au Pair in America with Go Au Pair. I had such a wonderful year here.

Go Au Pair Flag Extra Wide 1

But now is the time for me to prepare to move to a new place as my one year contract with my current host family will end in July.

Au Pair Ophelia cookies

It’s really easy to extend your Au Pair year with Go Au Pair. You can extend it for free, all you need to do is filling out and extension form, updating your profile letter and photos.

Au Pair Ophelia Las Vegas strip

My Au Pair experience helped me a lot for my extension. A lot families contacted me in a very short time. They valued my Au Pair experience in Philadelphia a lot. Eventually, I matched with a wonderful host family in Las Vegas.

Au Pair Ophelia Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a very special place for me. I had been there twice, there were a lot stories happened in Las Vegas. I will share all of them with you little by little. Also as I had been talked with more than ten host families totally, I would love to share my matching process with you too.

Au Pair Ophelia red rock canyon

( Come back read about Ophelia’s Las Vegas trip and matching process with her new host family soon! )

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Au Pairs at the Brazilian Day Festival in NY.

Last week several Brazilian Au Pairs from Philadelphia went to see the Brazilian Festival in NY. Brazilian Day in New York is celebrating its 29th anniversary and is a great cultural event. You can read about the history of Brazilian Day Festival.

Au Pairs at the brazilian Festival

The Brazilian Festival in NY considered the worlds biggest Brazilian event outside Brazil.  People come not only from the United States, but also all over the world.at the brazilian Festival

The dolls are very famous in Recife/Brazil. The first doll is PELÉ (famous soccer player in Brazil) and the second doll is Luiz Gonzaga (famous singer in Brazil). He passed away in 1989, but everybody still likes his songs. It’s a great images.
Au Pairs at the brazilian Festival NYIt was a great chance to celebrate Brazil while being so far away from home for Fernada, a Brazilian Au Pair with Go Au Pair agency. Fernanda is almost finished her Au Pair year and is going home to Brazil. She said “Brazil, where I was born, where I learned a lot of things and where it is full of joy.”  Read more about Fernanda’s native country that she loves very much and…  Welcome to Brazil! “Meu Brasil, Brasileiro!!”

Au Pair Fernanda at the brazilian Festival

It was a fantastic year that Fernanda spent as an Au Pair in the US with her lovely host family and her friends from the Au Pair cluster in Philadelphia. Time has passed surprisingly quickly, I can’t believe it is almost time to say good-bye! We will miss you, Fernanda. I hope you return to the US to spend another wonderful Au Pair year or two with Go Au Pair!

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