Congratulations to Hendry from S. Africa on his second Au Pair year!

One year ago we welcomed Hendry,  male Au Pair from South Africa, into Go Au Pair in the Philadelphia and Bucks County area cluster. Hendry joined the family of a single mother with 4 year old son and two year old twins. Being only twenty, Hendry has already been an au pair in China and has a lot of experience working with kids. Au pairs

We love to interview our Au Pairs. In his first interview Hendry mentioned that the reason he wanted to be an au pair is because children are his passion, he really enjoys spending time with them. Besides that Hendry loves kids, he also likes to travel, meet new people, explore new places and make new memories. And Hendry really traveled a lot, made many friends and became a buddy to a few Au Pairs.Au pairs Go Au Pair

Henry likes his host family and he said, “The right family will make you feel right at home and you wont feel homesick so you can enjoy your time here.”

That was an awesome year full of learning new things, making new friends traveling and exploring the Philadelphia. The kids adore Hendry and Hendry’s host mom extended the offer asking Hendry to continue with the family for another year!

Au pairs from S. Africa

One year later we are interviewing Hendry again and asking Hendry about his experience of being an Au Pair in the US.Au Pairs from S. Africa.What places you visited you like the most? I liked New York the most.
What was your favorite way to spend your free time in the USA? The city (Philadelphia) is just incredible and I go there over and over again. I spend most of my time traveling, but if i cant travel then I explore the city with my friends.
What is your favorite thing about being an au pair? My favorite thing is how much freedom and resources you have to travel.
What do you like about being an au pair in America, with Go Au Pair and the Philadelphia cluster? I like how supportive everybody is.
What has been your best experience living in the US? My best experience was going to the jingle ball concert in New York.
What is the most valuable lesson you have learned that being an au pair has taught you? Be wise how you spend your time. It goes away quicker than money.

What are new things you experienced? Halloween, Hanukkah, 4th of July, philly cheese steak, and cinnobun.Au pairs from South AfricaCongratulations, Hendry!  Good Luck and best wishes for the second Au Pair year!



Welcome to the cluster, Seba!

It is very exciting to have another male au pair in our cluster! Seba is 22 years old, he is from Argentina. It is my pleasure to share some information with you about him. 

“I wanted to be an au pair, because I love spending time with kids and traveling. As I am studying to be an English teacher I had always been close to kids and I always loved spending time with them. I never thought there would be an exchange program that would allow me to do this. I am happy for the chanse to be an au pair!20050172_1746686528680212_1862162998_o

I don’t really have a hobbie. I like doing different stuff, for example going for a run, going to the gym are some of them. I enjoy watching movies and listening to music. I also like going out with friends and have a nice meal together.

My wish would be to stop hunger from all over the World.
I would love to visit New York City. It has always been my dream walking in Central Park and getting a hot dog in the street!
On Saturdays I like going out with friends to different places (theater, camp, traveling near my home area, etc) or sometimes we have a meal with my family. 20106879_1746672335348298_1482321955_o
The best complement I had ever received was:
“Never let people get you down. Don’t let them say you can’t do anything. You are an amazing guy and you can do what ever you want”
I am creative. Since I was a kid I have always loved creating things like a small city on the table with boxes and books and play with my little sister. We also filmed videos acting as if we were in a movie. I edited them and played them on my TV screen. I also enjoy teaching. I like showing people my skills. But I also love learning new things”
Thank you, Sebastian for your answers! I hope, that you will be able to visit New York and a lot of other places! ♥

Hey, Marco! Welcome to the cluster!

Let me share Marco Van Vuuren’s short message with you! He comes in a week from South Africa!  He is my “buddy”, I am excited! I like him very much! I love his humor! So let’s see!

“I want to be an au pair, because I love working kids. I worked with kids at a school before I had started au pairing.
My hobbies are making food,gardening,cycling and just to have fun with my friends and family.
The three best adjectives that describes me are crazy,outgoing and a great friend. I would wish to have the best time of my life in the US and to talk about it back home.
I would like to visit Hollywood and just spend time there.
My favorite way to spend a Saturday is to go out and do something fun at a fun park or so. I consider myself good with children,making friends and listening to others.”
 I have no doubt, that Marco will totally enjoy his year here! ♥

Saying goodbye to a great au pair, Jacques Botha!

In this interview, I will share Jacques‘s warm words with you about his experiences as an au pair in the US. He has many fantastic memories!

  • He went to a lot of amazing places. His favorite was Niagara Falls.

“It is awe inspiring the gratitude of the falls. It is just amazing!”

  • His favorite way to spend free time here was just to have some ‘me time’ and concentrate on himself.
  • His favorite thing about being an au pair was learning the culture and way of Americans.
  • He likes the diversity of cultures within the cluster and also the way the agency handles problems and all those important stuff. He says, it is very quick.
  • His best experience living in the US was to build relationships from scratch with new people and make lifelong
  • The most valuable lesson he has learned is never to have kids.

“Just joking, of course!”

  • But, he would say that the most valuable lesson will have to be patience and also independence.
  • He told us, that this is a lot different to be South African, but also amazing. He thinks, that American people are very talkative and open.
  • There are some new things he experienced as well, like: driving on the other side of the road and different food.Au Pair farewell picnic Independence National Historical Park 2

Jacques has also recommended this au pair program to others! I was happy to write about him. I wish him to gather more memories! ♥

Welcome to the cluster Miguel Ochoa!

The honor is mine, to introduce a male au pair from Colombia! Miguel is 25 years old, takes care of three boys in Bucks County. He is in the EduCare program: he will work less, but learn more. 


  • He decided to be an au pair, because he likes spending time with children.
  • His favorite hobbies are watching movies and cooking. – Wow, that’s always really great when a man can cook and loves cooking!
  • He would like to visit Washington.14341496_10153909391488857_497048441_n.jpg
  • He says, he is friendly, outgoing and funny.
  • He likes going out, for example on Saturdays and see new places.

I am sure, that Miguel will have fun with other au pairs and make friends soon. We’ll see you in a couple days Miguel! He will also meet  our new au pair! ♥

Welcome a male Au Pair from Brazil

Many host families from Go Au Pair agency choose male Au Pairs for childcare.  Lucas Rufato, Au Pair from Brazil, will be our second male Au Pair. Lucas is 24 and he was in the US already. Lucas was studying English in Chicago a few years ago. Lucas also was an Au Pair in Spain, so he has a lot of experience with the kids.male au pair philadelphia

Lucas will live near Philadelphia. Jacques, Au Pair from S. Africa and Aline, Au Pair from Brazil, kindly offered to be his buddies. male au pair 1

As you may know, we interview the new Au Pairs. I am thrilled to share Lucas’ interview with you.

male au pair

What are your hobbies and interests? Working out, soccer, tennis, music, cooking, nature and mountain bike.
What was the best event/happening during last month? Rodeo
What three adjectives best describe you? Reliable, honest and patient.
If you had one wish what would it be? Meeting Ronda Rousey
What place would you like to visit? California
What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? At gym, playing soccer, cooking or enjoying with friends.
Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Yes.male au pair from Brazil

Please join me in welcoming Lucas.  We are all looking forward to meeting you at Au Pairs Christmas party on 12.12.2015!

Miss your favorite Au Pair?

Go Au Pair offers five types of Au Pair programs.

One of the them, Au Pair Again program allows an Au Pair to enroll in the Au Pair program a second time. This regulation stays that after two years from the program end date, an Au Pair may apply to the program again.

Through the Au Pair Again program, Au Pairs must meet the standard Au Pair requirements in addition to providing proof of successful completion of their initial Au Pair program, including the education requirement.  Read more about Au Pair Again program 

If you have a favorite Au Pair who is under 27 and wants to return, just contact her and invite her to be your Au Pair again.

Dear Au Pairs,

The Au Pair Again program allows former Au Pairs to return to the U.S. again with their original family or with a new one. If you under 27, successfully complete your initial Au Pair program and after two years want to be an Au Pair again, please contact Go Au Pair agency.

Welcome back!

Go Au Pair offers many discounts.

Go Au Pair agency is highly affordable and significantly less expensive than both daycare and nannies. The cost of an Au Pair is approximately $353 per week or$7.75 per hour regardless of how many children family has. And with many discounts available right now, the cost is much lower.

Go Au Pair agency has very competitive cost in the Au Pair field. Now application fee $250 waived and any family can begin an Au Pair search without a financial obligation.

In addition, Go Au  Pair offers  many discounts for both new and repeat host families. Go Au Pair special discounts are a great way to save money.

Right now the special discount off $100 is being offered only for Philadelphia and NJ area!  

There are many other discounts available.

Every month Go Au Pair features Au Pairs from a select country. Families who match with an Au Pair from our featured country during the month it is highlighted are eligible for $100 discount.

Every month Go Au Pair is pleased to feature our available Au Pairs from different countries. Families who match with an Au Pair from that country receive $100 off the program fees

Host Families who choose a male Au Pair are eligible for our Male Au Pair discount of $100.
Go Au Pair also offers a Pre-Match discount.  Families who find their own out of country Au Pair not currently available at Go Au Pair (pre-match) are eligible for this $250 discount. The Au Pair must meet all of the Go Au Pair screening and training requirements.

Go Au Pair offers a variety of discounts to help make Au Pair child care an affordable solution for Host Families. Eligible families may qualify for one or more discounts  that bring the cost even lower.

Male Au Pairs or mannies

Go Au Pair has been rapidly increasing its pool of well-trained and screened Au Pair candidates, including many male Au Pairs from all over the world.

There are many benefits for choosing male Aupairs.  Some families find that Male Au Pairs (or ‘mannies,’ as they are frequently called) are easier to deal with than female Aupairs.


  • tend to be happier with simpler accommodations
  • are willing to do more of the housework without complaint
  • are more flexible and practical
  • help with children sports practice
  • are creative with game and activities
  •  are becoming male role model for kids
  • don’t get emotional and weepy.

In 2009, Go Au Pair’s male Au Pair Daniel, from South Africa was recognized as one of the 6 international finalists for the Au Pair of the Year Award. Daniel was nominated by his Host Family who said that he “exemplifies the qualities of an excellent Au Pair!” Daniel arrived in the U.S. in March of 2008, and began providing care for two boys, aged 12 and 2. In December 2008, the youngest child was diagnosed with a developmental delay in speech, and Daniel began working with him each day to help develop and improve his language skills.

Although female Au Pairs still ‘dominate the field,’ more and more families are turning to males. Male Au Pairs are becoming especially popular among single moms, who appreciate having male role models for their children.

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